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My goal has always been to be a solo privateer. It’s something I like doing and just the fact that I outsmart you is a nice way for me to see if I am better than you as a pilot on that day. I say that because there is an element of human error sometimes so the fight can quickly turn your way or theirs if you not careful.

With the solo privateer in my mind at the time I got into my cockpit I wanted to see just how solo I have been. I guess the only way you can do this is by counting your solo kills. I am not interested in cyno frigates as they do not count as a solo kill for me. I counted up the non cyno solo kills and came up with 9 kills solo. Damit!

With the number 9 in my view I have realized 2 things.

  1. I am 1 away from 10. That is a given if you can count to that number but as a bench mark for solo kills it’s normally 1, 10, 20, and so forth until 100.
  2. I am a crappy solo killer.

I have now at this point hit 269 kills. I got more than 250! Whoo hoo.

I only have 9 solo kills. So that’s not so whoo hoo at all. What this means is that I need to go out more solo.

Now don’t take the number 9 as a marker for I am crap. I have snagged many a frigates in plexes for them to only warp out because of those disgusting modules called warp core stabs. If I have to count all those I would be close to 30. So it’s not the lack of trying I promise you.

So number 2 is a tricky one to improve because it is just the role of the dice as they say. Will the pilot have a WCS or not.

Number 1 I can do something about so it’s time for a solo roam.

I wanted to go somewhere I have not been before and decided to go visit Rixx Javix in Caldari/Gallente FW space.

I read Rixx’s pirate magazine so I know he is in Hevrice. I should have checked and made sure to see if he was available but I guess I was more after the solo kill and wanted to go and see what this area is like.

I made it through to Hevrice with no problems so it’s all fun and games here onwards.

I was never going to engage any stay frosty people in there because well I am not stupid so I just fly through local and notice no Rixx in system. It’s a pity. I would have given him a royal wave as I flew through the system and nagged him to make me a pirate card.

I set my destination for Aubenall and start to move towards it. I don’t know why but it looks like Stay Frosty love Tristan’s. It’s there thing to fly. When I was in a system and there was a Stay Frosty person in local and I hit Dscan then I will find a Tristan. Now I am not saying it was all them in the Tristan’s because I was in Gallente/Caldari FW Space but from what I can figure out about the system of who is in it and what people flying… Stay frosty likes Tristan’s.

I figure I am not engaging them so move on. My Incursus against a triple nuet Tristan will just mean I will have a very long flight back to Auner and I am here for a solo kill so I have to choose my targets very carefully.

In Loes I eventually find a Kestrel on scan in a novice. Now I am thinking it’s one of those fake ninja people but I say to myself that I might as well check to make sure.

Person does not cloak when I land at the acceleration gate so maybe this is my lucky day. I go into the plex and overheat my scram, guns and one repper.

I land at 0 and the Kestrel is at 0. I guess he wants to brawl?

Indeed… Game on.

I target him faster than he can target me and start by applying the dps. He is rocket fit and has a beefy shield tank. It’s going down slow but going down. My armour is up and down like a yo-yo but with a duel repping Incursus this is nothing new. As long as you manage your capacitor well you guaranteed to have tank, unless they do more dps than you can rep.

We don’t orbit or move but just slug it out with each other. He is not going to miss with the rockets so all I can do is sit there and take them while I give it to him back.

Now like I said. It’s all about the cap management and if you forget to do this correctly the fight can very quickly turn sour for you and so it did as I was focusing on my overheating and not my cap and my reppers turned off…

I got my cap back with a cap booster but holly crap I am in hull and armour reppers only rep at the end of their cycle so it’s a long wait for some armour to come back and my hull is looking a bit pasty.

I pre overheat my next cycle on both of them just in case I do get a rep off before he fires the final volley. The final volley hits my ship and 1% hull is left on my little incursus that could. COME ON INCURSUS!

I am repping up again and now he is trying to burn away from me. I had not noticed this because I was crapping myself hull tanking like a man. I also had not switch on my scram and did so hopping it kicks in before he warps away.

It does.

He is in deep hull and starts to rep his shields again. AGHHH!

I figure he must be aux shield fitted as well as shield extender so it’s going to be a long fight. All I need to do is kill his shields faster than he can load cap boosters and the fight is my fight. That is unless I forget about my capacitor again.

I check my cap as I think this and it needs another cap injection so do so.

I hit my dscan just in case he has called for backup or someone comes in and kills both of us… nothing.

Ok Mr Kestrel it’s just you and me… Who is going to be the victor here?

We at it again and I see my ammo is running low and the only other ammo I have is very close range.

I figure it’s time to put down the killing blows so switch to close range ammo.

For this ammo to work correctly you have to be very friendly with your target so I hit my ab to get close while it loads and pre overheat my guns.

Lock and loaded I start the pain train and he goes DOWN.

GF’s in local I loot and warp out while making a safe spot.

Holly crap that was fun, stupid and exciting at the same time.

I have not had that close a fight and I burned out my reppers only 2 cycles after he died. This only means I would have died had I not switched my ammo.

I got my final solo kill. It is number 10.

Number 10 solo kill… Number 1 for fun.