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Monday is open roam time and because I wanted to fly and fc bigger ships I put out feelers as to who was willing to lose a cruiser. I got 10 willing individuals with a couple of extra people in fleet that just wanted to shoot stuff that would tag along in frigates for fast tackle.

I had a destination in mind and gave the info to our cloaky scout and started to slowly move to destination 1. Unfortunately we were chased by a BC Gang that was not flashy so meant they could pick us off at a gate or a station and we would not be able to engage them back unless we took gate/station gun fire. I am not willing to do this because fighting on a station is well, just stupid but the individuals where highly upset that we did not partake in their activities so decided to spew local with all sorts of random crap.

We being the bigger men about this decided to move along by undocking in a mass of BC destroying pods and warping home to get frigates and continue with my planned operation.

This infuriated the BC gang with more abuse in local but we don’t really care as we were having a massive laugh at animated gifs being posted in our fleet. Somewhere definitely not SFW or even just human eyes EVER!! But we got in frigates and started the roam again.

Destination was given and we moved individually there to group up and then move fast to my starting point.

You see I wanted to take a cruiser roam to Caldari/Gallente space. That’s why I went there yesterday to scout a route I wanted to take today and see where people where active and just what people are flying.

So we went there as a group but in frigates. My route around Gallente space was to take us around a 26 jumps round circle but we made about 4 in Heydieles before we started having fun. We warped in to get a Atron which we got and also a Thorax, Caracal and Rupture just happen to thinking they could take down some frigates. One of the people in fleet was pretty excited by killing these stay frosty pilots so I think I made his day. Not sure why but he was having fun and thats what counts in my eyes.

Not wanting to stay in one place to long we decided to move on our roam to the next system which was Abune and the system was a bit empty but we decided to give it a minute as our scout was informing us about a possible frigate gang coming in to us.

We decided to warp to the novice and see if they would come in to us and so they did. They landed outside when we did. I think they wanted to try to do the same thing as we wanted to do to them. Unfortunately for them we caught some and some got out.


We docked in Heydieles to repair our badly overheated weapons and then we got informed that we might have a venture in an asteroid mining…

We scanned him down and he must have seen the combats so warped to a safe spot. Not a problem as our cloaky scout is dam good at this so had his safe spot pretty fast and we got the venture kill and pod express.

One of our fallen combat pilots was reshipping (You do lose ships in pvp) and making his way back to us when he spotted a hawk in Old Man Star. Yes please.

We had 2 options it was incursus or hawk so I sent in a tackle for the incursus to see what the Hawk does. The tackle waited outside the plex for a bit and then activated when he spotted the hawk on scan. We now knew they were together so had my second tackle assist and we all followed.


My scout informed me that Heydieles was getting busy again so we started to move back there. It looks like these 3 systems are pretty active with fights so why move away?

We had a Imicus in a novice so I sent in a tackle while we wait. I sent another tackle to help just in case they might have WCS.  They got it pointed and by the time we landed it was dead.

Got scan of a Tristan and an Incursus and they died pretty quick as well.


It was getting a bit late and as we had 20 jumps to get back home I decided to go visit stay frosty again and just say hello but unfortunately they did not have anything of interest in system for us so we decided to head home.

We free burned (Get your self-home how you want) and declared a good night of fighting while doing so.

While I was free burning I got an invite to join a conversation from a Shadow Cartel guy called Iromei who apparently has flown with Anabaric and Johnny so just wanted to inform me of a possible gang 1 or 2 jumps away.

What a nice thing to do, helping a fellow pirate with Intel. We avoided them luckily as they were moving on.

He informed me he was on his way home which was 5 jumps away when 2 gangs where chasing him in the system. I figured he must want to still get home so I decided to scout him home to where Shadow Cartel lives. He was in a Tier 2 Battle Cruiser and they are very juicy targets to attack so I can understand his problem with being solo in it but getting chased by 2 gangs wanting to kill him. He even paid me some isk for it but I would have done it for no isk.

He is a pirate and so am I. If it was the other way around I am sure he would have done the same for me or maybe not but that’s just the risk you take right?