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If there is one person that most low security people fear, it’s Santo Trafficante.

If you have not had the privileged of meeting this man, then well you clearly have not been active in low security space.

Just in case you don’t fly in Low Security space then let me explain why we fear his name in local.

You see Santo has a very dirty addiction habit. It’s like his drug addiction and once you fall down that dark path you find it’s hard to come back out of it.

His drug of choice is off course pods.

Total pods to date: 9210 and increasing daily.

You see I am writing about him because I have lost 2 pods to him so far.

The last one was during our open roam.

We had a great fight in Gulm with another group of pilots and we got some really good kills but they out gunned us with destroyers so we all had to go home in pods.

Normally not a problem but today was just a little different. You see as a low security pirate I messed up. I am in a pod. What can go wrong I think? I warp to the gate without checking who is in local and I am in station in our home system.

What the hell? I check my loss mail and Yip I have been Santo’d (TM pending). I give the info on coms but some were late and some were early and so Santo got some more fixes for his addiction.

Santo being Santo and having done this before jumps into the next system and warps faster than our pods so lands on the next gate and gets 3-4 more people. So out of a fleet of 10 Santo got 7 fixes for his addiction.

That was a nice and quick roam we had there. Some were re-shipping and I noticed I don’t have any more ships left in our home system so I have to go do some more shopping again…

Agh well…

Now I would like to say lesson learned but I think it will most likely happen again as this was my second one to him. Luckily I fly clean pods so no problems getting a new one.

Now for a shopping trip…