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The last week has been a bit hectic so not too much piloting has happened. I have been busy with my captain’s quarters changing things in it as it was starting to bore me a bit. Paint and new metal work was completed on Sunday ready for the Open Roam on Monday.

All things are in place now so it’s time to get back into my cockpit and now go out and kill things.

I get into my pod and hit the activate ship key. Activation error…


I hit it again. Activation Error. Grrrr

Maybe the pod did not lock correctly. I get out. Get back in and hit the button. Activation Error.

Ok so clearly I have a problem. I do some testing and then some more. I change and remove parts one by one to diagnose the problem. I have narrowed the problem down to 3 possible issues but don’t have the parts to replace it and as it could be any of the 3 parts means I am going to have to spend a lot of isk to get it all.

I am sure that I saw a sign in Auner station next to the food court saying: Capt. Electronics Repairs Ltd.

I have contacted them instead and they are going to look at it today. I do hope that it is something small.

If not it will need parts and they can take time to arrive. So I am stuck in station for a week.

This means only 1 thing.

It’s time to hit the bar.

This Pirate needs rum.