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I don’t go out to piss people off but today seems to be just one of those days.

I have received a bill for my fixes in the captains quarters and it’s actually not bad so it’s all completed and Capt. Electronics Repairs Ltd. Is a great company so I will be using them in the future if any other problems come up that I cannot fix myself.

So I get into my cockpit and its time to go killing.

My killboard is looking a bit bare and as an old-time hero of mine said: “If I don’t kill a man every now and then, they forget who I am.” Blackbeard

So with that thought in my head its time to go killing.

I fly system to system and because I am solo I have to pick my fights correctly. I find a Rifter in a novice plex.

It’s going to be a WCS person I know it!

I do like to make them run away and I do like to chase them a bit until they leave system or until they stay in their safe spot for a long time. You see I think of it like this. If I keep at it then well they get bored and fed up of me chasing them so they stop doing it. No one likes to be harassed and if it means that we will not have any of these WCS plex people any more than I am all for it.

It’s a losing battle but I enjoy the chase and making them upset.

Today the rifter turned out to be just that. WCS Rifter with a cloak.

I am not sure what went through his head but instead of orbiting the plex to do the timer he orbited the beacon on the inside. That’s the one where I land at 0 when I come in. So naturally I got him scrammed and he went down pretty quick. I think he must have been afk because I booked him a ticket on the pod express train.

So that was a nice solo kill on my part. I like to catch these people and I might actually start hunting only plexers. I know it’s hard to do but you know what it’s all fun right?

The funny thing was that the plexer must have had a bigger step brother because their names are very similar in nature. The plexer is Ronti Meagan and the brother is Monti Reagan. He was that mad that I killed his younger brother that he decided to camp me in the station for a bit. I had a quick look at mr Monti Reagan and apparently he is part of Rage Quite corporation. So does this mean he rage quite’s when people kill him?

It did not end well for my ship as the station is a kick out station but I actually did not really care about it. What made my day was the fact that I got a plexer and his pod and the cherry on the cake was that I must have upset the family that much that the older brother felt he had to get revenge.

I must be doing something right for this to happen…