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I received a massive shock today because I got a mail from Anabaric stating that he is leaving due to not having time to be a pirate anymore. He informed me that he is sending out a mail to all about this and that TFS Tibbs and Johnny are leaving us in a month or two as well for very similar reasons. He also informed me that Marco our corp thief has indeed hit another corp with theft but this time our corp so has been kicked from the bastards with a pending investigation. Well he is a bastard.

In the mail he states that because of this we have a problem as it is all of our directors and off course him in the CEO position. He asked for me to take over as CEO of the corporation and Lord Lazyghost will become the recruitment director.

I am a bit shocked with all the changes going on and it will be a massive adjustment to us with such a big change going on all at one time but I think we will come through the other side stronger.

I have some plans in the direction that I want to take the Alliance so will have to get my directors organized and then move forward with the Bastards and Meats in a direction that is best for the Alliance and everyone in it.

My thinking is changing from piracy into high sec mission running. Something a lot of the alliance members have been asking to do since the mail has now been sent out to all in alliance. We will have to get our sec status up to a more positive numbers seeing that all of us are -10 at the moment and it is going to be hard but as an alliance working together. I am confident that it will be achievable.

Lord Lazyghost has also mentioned Worm Holes and maybe this could be another route as he stated it was fantastic to make so much money for so little work. We will have to discuss this in more details but is also another option we can look into.

Ithica Hawk one of our Mining Frigate regulars has also asked if a possible mining corp could be started that he will run under the Bastard Alliance flag. Industrial wing as he puts it. This is not a bad idea as it will mean that ammo and ships can be built if needed for the missions in High security space or the plexes in Worm Hole space depending on which route we decide on.

We definitely have Interesting times ahead of us…