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I have not been in my cockpit for some time as I have been very busy with another project which has just taken over my life for a short time.

It is about to finish so I can now get back to being a pirate. YARRR!!!

I did my daily checks and found a link from a fellow pilot called Nashh Kadavr.

He is arranging a bit of a meet up for people in the UK that are spaceship lovers like me and the fellow Bastards Alliance members.

Its sounds like it’s going to be really good event so I am definitely going to show my support. It’s the first time I will be meeting up with the fellow Bastards and will be great to just sit down and share stories with other people playing this wonderful game. 80% of the Bastard regulars are coming so its going to be crazy.

There will be a CCP Dev interview on Skype so that will be very interesting as to which Dev it will be and what questions will be asked.

I know I don’t normally write about RL stuff but I think this needs a mention. It’s something about EVE that I will be attending and anybody that wants to come and say hello is more than welcome to do so. Its looks like about 80+ people have showed interest so far in the event including other pirate Alliance members from Shadow Cartel.

Seeing as there will be Pirates about it will be a safer option to keep your wallet secured but have your ransom notes ready just in case you get tackled at the bar.

I am supporting this event and I hope you will do the same.

If you thinking that you might want to come then show your support by follow this link and comment in the post. Also if you love to tweet like the birds then please use #EVE_NT in your next tweets about EVE so you can help with promoting it. I know Nashh will appreciate it.

I will post the forum post below so you have all the details: (These are his words)

#EVE_NT 2014

On September 13th I will be organising an EVE-player meet in Nottingham UK.
• Doors open at 11 am until 11pm
• Food and drinks offers available
• Skype interview with a CCP Dev
• Games on several screens (EVE, DUST and some indie games)
• Discounted rates at local hotel
• Minimum age is 18, if you are lucky enough to look under 18 bring ID

Antenna Media Centre, Beck Street, Nottingham, NG1 1EQ
Antenna website

How to get there from Nottingham train station;

Hotels with discounted rate;
holiday in use the group-code ‘EVE Nottingham’

As this is my place of work I want to ensure attendance is high enough for me to open the business on a Saturday, please RSVP below so I can make up the guest list (in-game name is enough).
If for whatever reason you are unable to make it please let me know on the thread or email me directly atgivemeisk@gmail.com or mail me in game with any questions.

I can be bribed for beer tokens with isk > 150 million isk/ pint mkay.

More Stuff;
Twitter; #EVE_NT

I hope to see you there.