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I feel like killing things but my time is a bit limited so figure I will do a quick roam solo. It’s not that busy on the weekends so it’s mostly solo stuff anyway.

I jump onto coms to find a bunch of pilots having a chat… Have we been invaded? Maybe our coms have been hacked?

It turns out that some of the bastards are going on a roam with some other pirates from different Alliances and Pirate Corporations and our coms were nominated to be used.

I see the usual bastards on-line like Johnny, Nashh, TFS Tibbs and Mr Spaxi.

I look down the list of pilots and OMG.

We have some people in here who I look up to as amazing pirates and also people who have killed me many times solo fighting.

To me a Legendary Pirate is someone you look up to. It’s someone that when they jump into system with you that your spider senses goes into over heat mode and you are constantly aware of yourself hitting your DScan button. Apparently it’s like being in a WH but instead of their being no local you see local and danger is in your system. They are the danger.

Some of the pirates in coms are:

Kane Rizzel (Rank: 122)
Crake Gaterau (Rank: 82)
TrouserDeagle (Rank: 55)

When you are as lucky as to be joined by these fellow pirates in your local there is only 1 thing to do.

Eject from your ship and hand over the contents. They will get it anyway. You might as well just hand it over and save your pod while you still can.

I have gone solo against Trouser on 2 occasions but failed badly. It’s not that I am bad at solo pvp but has more to do with the fact that he is so much better.

Crake is the same. It’s a sickening feeling when you see a frigate or destroyer in a plex and you know they are in system. You might as well move on to the next system and hope they are not going there next.

Kane is probable one of the oldest pirates in the New Eden and I think that every true pirate in New Eden holds him with the utmost respect.

We had some amazing fights in a pure Rifter fleet. It was Kane’s Riftering event. We got some amazing kills before I had to dock up again:

Federation Navy Comet

It was a very serial moment in this young pirate’s life. I have spoken to some of the top pirates in New Eden and the scary thing was that they were really nice guys. It really cements the fact that most pirates in New Eden are amazing people. They gave advice when Mr Spaxi and I asked questions about their pirating ways.

Kanes advice was clear and mirrored my own. He stated that when you are new to pirating to just attack everything. Learn what fights you should take on and what fights to avoid. He made a very good statement. “You become good at pirating and solo when you don’t fear losing your ship, when you can just go in and give it your all and its ether them or you but you happy ether way. That’s when you will surprise yourself.

It’s something that I know myself and Mr Spaxi have been doing from the start of our pirating days. Mr Spaxi even took on a Worm (Faction frigate) and won! I think had he known what a Worm was and what it could do I am sure he would never have engaged it. It’s because he had not engaged one before and just said well I am going to die but let’s see how long I can last in the fight against this ship.

So go out there and loose ships. I have started taking bigger risks with 2v1 fights like my 2 Kestrel’s in a plex. I know I am going to die but you know what. If I can take down 1 of them before I die it’s a win for me.

Speaking to them has given me a surge to do more solo fighting.

I want to be one of the guys people talk about one day and say wow I want to be like you the killer pirate or start getting worried when they see my name in local. It must be an interesting place to be.

On the other hand from what I can tell by just talking to them it’s actually not something they think about too much.

They just want to have fun…