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If there is anybody as crazy as me in a ship it’s this man.

I like him because he thinks like me. Shoot first ask questions later and above all… Leave no man behind.

He has started a bit of a Pirate Diary himself and you are more than welcome to give it a read.

We both very low skilled and New to the pirate life in New Eden. We both started straight out of training with the bastards and we both seem to be doing well in the solo department.

Mr Spaxi even got a Solo Worm kill in an Incursus. The fight won him the Solo kill of the month in March.

After the roam we had with Kane and them it really got me thinking about the mind-set of a pirate. What it takes to be one and more importantly what it takes to be successful at it. You see we don’t really do this for the isk.

I will get 10 ships bought and fitted worth 120 Million ISk. This means I have 10 possible solo kills out there. I look at every ship as a Loss mail and also as long as I have a kill for a loss of equal amount then I am happy.

The loot I get from kills just need to cover 120 Million again for the next 10 that I purchase.

As I stated before, pirates are not rich people. We enjoy the freedom that we can do just about anything we want with no Alliance or Corporation telling us what to do.

Sometimes we get together and fly together with people in Alliance and sometimes we even fly together with people from other pirate corporations. It’s that freedom that I think I really enjoy.

I got contacted by Mr Spaxi about this subject the other day and I think he has done the same with others because he has now published other pirates feelings on being a pirate here.

Go have a read. They pretty interesting to see different people’s mind-set to becoming a pirate and what route they have taken.

Do you think you could be a pirate?
Are you happy with the limitations that null sec or high sec have to offer you?

Why not come be a pirate for a day…