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Firstly I want to say a massive congrats to three people.

Dwaigon Aumer

They have proven themselves worthy of flying the black flag and thus have been accepted into the Bastards.

From me to you guys… Congratulations.

Secondly I need to now say that because we are doing promotions it means we have places to fill for more pilots wanting to try the life of piracy. If you read this and you feel you want to give it a go or maybe you just tired of null security limitations and WH constant clicking of the Dscan then maybe piracy is for you.

Do you need to have millions of Skill points? No. You only have to look at Mr Spaxi and myself who got taken straight out of boot camp and have both been moulded into worthy pirates.

All you need is to want to have fun and shoot things. This life is not for all but it is a fun one. We don’t care about who you fly with and if you feel like doing solo pvp today and not fly in fleet then you do just that.

We are growing as an alliance. We only have 2 Corporations. The Bastards (74th) & Meatshield Bastards (1514th)

Our Alliance is ranked (101st) and the Bastard Corporation is ranked (8th) pirate corp in an Alliance. Not bad for the Alliance with the least amount of pilots in that list.

If you want to be someone who makes things happen then we are for you. We are built on trust and friendships. It’s because of this that we are improving every month.

If this is more of the New Eden you are looking for then please come join us.

Our public channel is called DBastards. We Have open roams every Monday and they are great fun for you to meet us.

Why don’t you come and be a pirate with us for one day…

I had some spare time and made a logo: