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Today I tried to go into the bar in our home station and for the first time in a very long time I got carded.

I produced my New Eden pilot’s license and the person refused to let me in… Stating that I look nothing like the photo on the ID.


Ok. I must agree my first Pilot ID was taken months ago and since then I have seen many battles and have grown my hair into a more what I like to call “the Wave” that is in fashion with the kids this year.

I like to be with the times so why not right?

The colour has changed into a darker red-orange and I have had a tattoo added. I think it makes me look bad ass and I am sticking to that.

I am a pirate and I can’t look weak. Blackbeard had lit grenade like cannon balls in his beard to strike fear in his enemy. I have a laser eye patch. Something I had to get after I met Santo. Bastard!

So yah I guess I look nothing like the ID anymore. So I can’t really blame the door guy for what he said.

So with this in mind I figure it’s time for a new pilots license…

First I have to take a new mug shot. I hate mug shots!

So I log in and see my old picture:

Eric Shang Old

Yah that definitely does not look like me anymore. I take a couple of shots and pic the one that give a bit of mystery to me.

I like the “what is that guy looking or thinking” look and I like this picture.

Eric Shang New

Save it into the database and now I have to wait a day for the dam thing to arrive and update all over New Eden.

Rum! You will have to wait a day…