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Jump into system and o CRAP! Gate Campers.

It’s a sickening feeling. You have a 50/50 chance of getting out alive in a frigate but anything bigger and you not going to make it. That is unless you do it like a pirate and then you have no chance of making it out alive.

I hate it when I jump into these people. I have from time to time found them near our home system in instant lock thrasher’s or interceptors. They hunting pirates because we are normally -10 and it means no gate guns. To them I say “You can take my ship but you will never take my pod… O crap they podded me!

Well today I wanted to do this as well and so did Nashh Kadavr, Lord Lazyhost and Marco Drack. We went on a roam to Caldari / Gallente space where we somewhat died to a smart bomb Megathron (Gallente Battleship) and had to sadly come home empty-handed after a long warp to there… It’s just how it goes.

We have some new recruits in with us for the US time zone and I think the alliance is getting better at having more people flying about in that time zone but we can always improve it more so recruitment is continuing strong.

We got back and people had to dock up in station but I was not feeling pleased. I wanted kills and got none. I got killed by an extremely fast Megathron closer to home doing 3500ms. That is stupid fast for a Battleship. Its frigate with MWD overheated speed… It has duel web and a long point. So when I got to 35km from him and stopped like I had hit a brick wall and then instant popped my ship, I can tell you now that I was surprised.

So 1 loss and no wins makes Eric a dull boy.

We have been toying with the Idea of gate camping for some time. Some people like it and others say it’s boring. I for one have never done it so I am off course in on the action.

Its pretty simple concept. You fit a ship with enough sensor boosters to get your signature radius up to about 1500+ and wait at a gate. You see the gate flash and start activating your modules ready for when they de-cloaked.


Hope your ship lasts gate gun fire while you try to warp away. Come back and get loot if others have not scooped it already for you. Rinse and repeat.

At the end of the night you put all the loot in one hanger and see what you made as profit. It can be non-profitable if you lose ships as we almost did with Lord Lazyghost nearly losing his Rupture. He was trigger happy and did not see his ship getting stuck on the gate. The gate guns hurt and so Lazy might have needed a change of under garments when he finally warped away with a sliver of structure left.

We even had a new recruit called Battlewife GoblinDarts in a punisher and bless him he knew nothing of this gate guns thing and was so eager to get on the kills that he just stood still after finally getting on a kill mail and forgot to warp away from the gate out of pure excitement. The gate guns switched to his ship and he was in a pod. He was ecstatic to just finally be on a kill mail that he really did not care about his ship. We replaced it 5 times over so I think he came out of that stronger. Good attitude mate and well done on your first gate camp kill.

We noticed a couple of problems with our setup as some were locking slower than others but we will be tweaking our setups to fix this issue for the next time we do this.

Was this boring? I think if you choose the wrong gate on the wrong day then yes I can see it being very boring.

If you hover chooses the right gate at the right time it can be super exciting.

We had one slicer jump into us. Lazy and I pointed him and waited for the others to shoot him down as Lazy and I where just instant popping everything before others got on to the kills. Unfortunately I had to warp as the gate guns went for me first. I warped out as the slicer disappeared. I think he jumped back into highsec somehow…

We then got a Vengeance landing and I warped back to see if I could not shoot at it as well. I did and started my warp out when it died to see the slicer jumping back into system thinking that he could get through the gate camp with us concentrating on the vengeance…

Unfortunately for him his ship was 20% structure left and I made quick work of him just before I warped out.

It was pretty hectic with shoot, warp out, warp in, shoot, shoot, warp out. Warp in. and this all happening in a 2 minute window.

We picked up our loot and docked up with our head held high.

I will do this again anytime. It was really fun.

Thanks to Nashh Kadavr for sorting this out for us.