I have wanted to be a good Solo Pirate. It’s what I joined the universe of New Eden for.

The battle of me versus you in a death match. Who will win? That is the question and it’s a question I feel I know the answer to now.

The answer is simple: The other person.

I read an interesting article by Abbadon21 yesterday about choosing your enemy by choosing your hunting grounds.

He stated that if you want to get elite fights then go where the elite are… low sec or the first system between low sec and null sec.

The deeper you go into null the less pvp they do and the more they just null bears and press F1 in fleet with 150 others.

A very interesting article as he stated that all great solo PVP pilots started out in something else and got bored and then decided to go into solo pvp.

It meant they had skills at a much higher level than say myself and could be effective from day one.

He also stated that for any new pilot to come into an elite environment and trying to succeed is basically impossible.

You going against people who have funds to back themselves. So guess what. You fly no implants and T1 because it’s all you can afford. They fly T1 but have almost perfect support skills. 2 Billion Implant and o yes a Boosting Alt.

The fight will go 1 way every time. I have found this happening to me a lot.

FW Low security is 2 things:

1)      FW farmer with cloak or WCS

2)      Elite PVP Pilot with Booster

The 1st one fits cloaks and WCS to get away from number 2 and number 2 has all the experience and cash behind them to just have fun and enjoy kill after kill.

Now there is actually a number 3.

Yip that’s me. I am a number 3.

3)      Trying to become an Elite number 2

The problem with number 3 is that we don’t have implants worth 2 billion. We don’t have a booster alt so you guessed it. We are what number 2 kills over and over and over. Number 2 becomes and looks more elite. Where myself and all other number 3s get more frustrated and eventually leave New Eden.

We try to get kills and every now and again we actually run into another number 3 pilot and we get a very close fight. You might win or you might lose. I don’t mind losing fights if they close.

I am tired of being the number 3.

I want to be number 2 but I am tired of feeling crap every time I die to a person who clearly I could not have killed to start with.

So until I can afford to fly with a 2 Billion pod with a boosting alt and have my support skills maxed out I will not be going solo again.

My solo career is done…