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I can honestly say I am shocked with the amount of response I have gotten from people relating to the last diary entry.

If it was not in private chats, eve mails, comments on the diary entry then it was from my fellow bastards in Alliance.

It seems people are saying the same thing… If you quite, we will kill you. I feel that people say things sometimes not in the correct way but more in the trying to cheer you up and make you see the funny side.

Lots of people said just have fun and enjoy the game for a bit and you know what. That’s what I did today.

I have received a new docking computer. The old one was fixed but something else then went and I thought it’s about time to just put it into the space junk container and get a new one.

It’s fantastic as everything looks shiny. Runs with no problem and it’s an upgrade so Yay all round.

So I’m setup and ready and off we go. I said no solo but you guys were adamant about it so let’s do this.

I got told by many to just lose stuff and have fun doing so and if you get kills than great. Something I have been doing is just see a ship on dscan and go yah I take that on.

This time however I said I’m doing the Tibbs. If I can win I will fight if I can’t I will not. Tibbs is good like this and explains things like in an Incursus never attack a Hawk. No point as the ship resists are perfect for tanking your damage. Tiny things like that add up and you just get better at knowing what to attack and what not to attack.

I think I picked up a very bad habit. With the just attack stuff mentality you don’t see who it is you fighting. Ship in novice go!

Pilot kills me and I get angry and check the pilot’s killboard and he is ranked 27th or 45th or 55th in Battle Clinic. Yah I had no chance there really.

So no more of that… Do your homework Mr Shang! “Yes Sir!

Incursus is a go!

I warped a couple of systems with not a care in the world. I was blank in thinking and just searched for targets… No stress about the ship or a loss mail… Remembering things like “When you undock it’s a killmail waiting to happen” is all I could think about so I am going to lose this ship and I am happy with this.

4x pilots flashing in system, 4x frigates on scan, 3x frigates and a pod, oooooo maybe I can get on killmail or even maybe get a kill on one of the pilots that is left on grid. I activate the novice to see 2x frigates and 2 pods and as I land see a slicer 12km away and a Hookbill.

This fit eats slicers alive so slicer is prime plus I can burn away from the Hookbill and maybe pull the slicer with me. Splitting them and killing the slicer before judging what to do with the Hookbill.

Land, burn away and I am taking damage. Dam you slicer with scorch!!

Wait hold on why is the hookbill not moving away from me… The Hookbill is mwd fit as well!

This did not end well for me.

Right I tried to get on killmail and thought I would be the big boy on field as I am pirate but it was not so and I am to blame for that slight miss judgment on the Hookbill.

Next I say lets change a bit. Atron let’s do this.

Atron vs Slasher.. Could be interesting. Not taken on one before and hopefully the pilots not a great slasher pilot…He was and it ended badly.

So now I get that feeling of well that’s just great. 2 losses and nothing to show for it but then I remember that people have been giving me nothing but great advise. Things like “just keep at it.” Marco said “cycles mate, cycles. These things come and go and you find you have a week of just durp after durp and then you find you just kill everything.

Ok I did not do my homework on the other 2 fights again so that really is on me and I am trying a new Incursus fit out and if you think the duel armour rep using T2 repairers is management heavy than welcome to hell… This fit is good… …but holly crap is it management heavy.

I change my layout on my ship a bit to just make it simpler to manage. I have seen more things about the duel rep with some tricks and thought I would give it a go.

Right I am going to be picky and get a solo kill now. Mind is set in place. SOLO KILL! If you can win you fight if you can’t run away.

I go hunting and get into Egmar. Heron on scan in medium and a rupture on scan in that direction… trap? Ok I said not to engage unless I know I can win so no harm in looking right?

Land on acceleration gate and person does not cloak… interesting. Rupture still on scan but not in the plex. We here we might as well go in right?

Heron at 30km away… “Overheat everything!” This is what Johnny Twelvebore says all the time

Burn to him and start targeting expecting him to warp any second but nope. Point and my guns are punching holes in the little Heron that could do nothing…

I’m checking Dscan as I am worried about this Rupture and I notice someone shouting in local “Eric Nooooooooo!



Point on pod

Pod Express!

Now I must inform you that when I am solo I close every single chat window but local. I don’t want to be distracted by flashy chats.

I open DBastrds to see someone in their saying to not kill that pilot… Oops. Well not really. You see we have a policy in Dbastards.

Just because you in there does not mean you blue to us. If you not blue then well you free to shoot unless you in fleet with us at the time.

So sorry friend but them are the rules and thanks for the fish…

Anabaric says “Eric you a bad MF!

I feel proud!

Dock up and drop loot.

Repair and on we go.

I fly about Egmar and finally get to Todi to find it semi empty but keep searching. I eventually see it’s not going to happen in here so warp to Evati gate. I jump in and as I do I see an Incursus de-cloak and warp to a novice.

Incursus vs Incursus?

Why not.

Burn back and jump in and scan him down to the one novice. Warp and do homework. Could be an Interesting fight.

I land to see he has moved on. Still in system but not in this novice. I figure I will go in and wait. Ether he will come in or not.

I normally orbit the beacon but something says to burn away. Burn away and see what he has fitted if he comes in. ab or mwd?

I do so and as I get to 35km he lands in the plex. Nothing on scan so it’s a 1v1. Yay!

He looks to be AB fit by the speed but then he could be faking it so I just burn no propulsion module on. He is starting to catch me and he gets to 20km I switch on mwd and approach. Guns overheated and go Balls deep!

He for some time could not shoot me. I have never had this happen before but it’s almost like I was moving too fast for his guns to shoot me but I could hit him perfectly. It’s weird but it played into my favour as he was ¾ armour when he finally started laying down Dps. I was just trying to manage my overheat and I made a small mistake by forgetting that this ship runs out of cap and o yes I do have a capacitor booster and need to use it. So the fight all going my way went his way pretty dam quickly as my repairers turned off and me noticing it a bit late.

20% Hull left I got armour back up again… holly crap this is exciting stuff… He is repairing but I am just doing more dps than he can rep so the fight is going my way again.


Gf’s in local and had a quick chat with the guy about the fight while I docked and repaired my modules and ship.

Every time I get a kill I link it in Dbastards with Nashh saying “Bring Solo back Eric!

I figure it’s time to stop.

2 Solo kills is my max so far in 1 day and I don’t really want to now get cocky and die!

I am on my way home when I notice a Rifter In a novice.

I can’t help myself…

Incursus vs Rifter

I have not tested this fit against a Rifter so why not.

The rifter was 35km away and I thought that he would cloak but did not. I overheated everything and just went for him.

Point and damage…

Again I heard the “your capacitor is empty” message… I have got to remember that dam cap boosters!!!!

Hit booster and reppers and we continue.


Gf’s in local and I figure I really have got to just get home now and dock up.

I warp to Resbroko to see a drake at the gate.

He jumps and so do I.

Please don’t have a gate camp!

Nope… Thank goodness.

He re-approaches.

OK so he is neutral and I can’t tank gate guns plus it’s a drake. I have loot in my cargo hold so warp away… Unfortunately one of our new guys was not so lucky with this guy.

We figure if he will engage on a gate then well Mr Drake. The hunter has just become the hunted.

So Anabaric, Nashh Kadavr, Lord Lazyghost, Battlewife GoblinDarts and I decide its Drake hunting season and we set a juicy trap.

Mr Drake now cocky falls for it but gets away… You lucky bastard!!!!

We about to warp away when he jumps into system again? Ugh Ok!

Well it did not end well for him. He thought because we did not kill him last time that he could jump in and burn back to the gate in time to jump… I bumped the crap out of him off the gate so no way of that happening…  He dropped drones and started shooting the frigates while not knowing we have bigger ships in warp…


Agh it was a fun night.

I am happy again.

I can’t say this enough. Thank you all for the words and a good kicking up the back side to just go do it, have fun and stop bitching… It clearly worked.