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I got asked this some time ago by one of you while flying through New Eden.

The question of “are we true pirates like they were back in the day of the infamous Black Beard and Cpt Jack Sparrow?

You see the problem we have with being a pirate in New Eden is that for each pilot in The Bastard Alliance piracy is something different. I think it’s different for each pirate Alliance, Corp and pilot in that corp.

Pirates have been known to do the following:

  • Sitting at a gate and killing things that come through
  • Hunting explorers
  • Kill others in a fairish fight or even a 1v1
  • High sec ganking of miners and mission runners

You see being a pirate is different to us all. If you look at the list and find you like one more than the other than there is nothing wrong with your piracy. You are a pirate and it’s good to fly the -10 flag of death.

The only thing that is the same in the lists above is ISK. In each one we have fun doing them and at the end of each operation you ether make ISK or you lose ISK.

As long as your making more than you losing, you are a profitable pirate.

The other thing that we like about piracy is freedom as I have stated before. We not tied down to be in fleets all the time and you can just roam by yourself or with another friend if you feel like it.

Now I am not saying that every pirate Alliance is like this but The Bastards is definitely not bothered with who you fly with. Our list of pilots that are blue is extremely limited for specific reasons but other than that its shoot who you want and fly with who you want.

So if we go back to the question of are we the same as in the Black Beard days? Yes I think so.

The Golden Age of Piracy in the Caribbean

This is the time most people look to when talking about piracy and looking at how they worked as pirates then, it  seems to me that we pirates think the same.

Where can we get easy money and kills? let’s go live there…

The Caribbean seemed to be a great place to find transport ships from Europe expansion at that time and because it was a stop off point meant easy kills and easy money.

The ports welcomed the plunder with open arms as they did not really care about the people bringing them the materials but rather just that the materials were available to them.

So it’s no surprise then if we get gate camps in New Eden. Wait in your home station or nearby… Action, Death and then profit.

When we go out to look for loot it’s good to look local first (why fly miles away when the action is in your system) and then start looking through set routes you know where ships normally travel. We want to look for easy targets and make sure we win so we can loot their belongings.

Something interesting about pirates in Wikipedia:

“In 1715, pirates launched a major raid on Spanish divers trying to recover gold from a sunken treasure galleon near Florida. The nucleus of the pirate force was a group of English ex-privateers, all of whom would soon be enshrined in infamy”

If you change the divers for gold to explorers in New Eden then well yes we do this as well.

Hunting explorers is something we do a lot. Some have mastered the art of it and really get a kick out of it. Mini Piñatas as they say.

If I look at the descriptions of what pirates did and what they stood for in those times and look at what I do and also what we in The Bastard Alliance do then indeed we do the same thing. It might be slightly different but the principles are the same.

They had black flags and we have -10 sec status and also we flash red which I am proud of.

The only thing that we can’t do that pirates still do today is get ransoms. When caught by us most will want us to kill them as they do not want to pay it.

If I am solo I don’t even ask to be honest. I agree with Rixx in one of his posts that it takes too much time to first try to convince the pilot to trust you.

The problem you have is that for a long time piracy ransoms were well paid or so I get told but unfortunately as always there were those who took the ISK and still killed the pilot. The trust of paying to let go free has been lost. I for one have still yet to be paid for a ransom. I have tried and every time I get the same message that I should kill their pod as they will not pay. So instead of trying I just kill them now.

The more I look into it the more I think that piracy in New Eden is very much the same thing as Piracy of old and of new in one bag.

I just really wish that we could ransom people and they would trust us to let them go for a small fee… I want a ransom.