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Firstly I want to congratulate every pilot in Bastard Alliance.

We are improving every day and the new Meatshields that have come to join us are amazing.

I don’t like to inflate their egos too much but they just want to get stuck in and kill things… you guys and girl are amazing.

We are wanting the best for the Alliance and because I work with analytical stats every day its only right that I like to look at the killboard and see it go up with green. Green is good.

Don’t be fooled in thinking that I am one of those killboard people, who if we get a loss I freak out and start creating posts in our forums about how dare we lose things and everybody is crap…

I am so far removed from that person its funny. I like the green killboard because it means that what we teach the pilots that join Meatshield works. It is improving them as pilots and most importantly pirates.

If our killboard went all red I would not care too much as it is all about the fun but it’s good to see it green.

Our stats are going up and for a tiny outfit with only 2 corporations in it I think that we achieving some things that a lot of the big Alliances are chasing. We not doing so well because we have become killboard monitors. We just enjoying ourselves and because of this, we constantly out there and will go out and get kills.

Last month I wrote about our progress and our recruitment drive in EVE Online – Pirate Corp Recruitment Now Open

We are growing as an Alliance. We only have 2 Corporations. The Bastards (74th) & Meatshield Bastards (1514th)

Our Alliance is ranked (101st) and the Bastard Corporation is ranked (8th) pirate corp in an Alliance. Not bad for the Alliance with the least amount of pilots in that list.

So how we doing this month?

The Bastards (72nd) – up 2 places
Meatshield Bastards (1266th) – up by 248 places

Now my goal for this year was to see us break into the 100 spot and we did it in 5 months!
Bastard Alliance (99th)

We have also increased our pirate corporation standings against other pirate corporations in an Alliance (6th).

So we are improving as an Alliance and each corporation is improving. It’s not because we chasing it. We just enjoy being pirates and having fun. The results for me does not really matter and it’s just something I like to share with others. It’s to show that if you want to have fun then you can and if you not having fun where you are now then look us up. We still recruiting for Meatshield especially in the USA time zones. We have a couple of people in that zone and we need more of you to come join them… Are you bastard enough?

Join our public channel “DBastards

See you in space