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We have been slated in local by Russians for the last 2-3 Months now and our policy was pretty simple. Ignore them and just let them say what they want.

We will go roam out of Auner and will enjoy ourselves in what low security has to offer and will just not partake in their local talk.

An account of what has happened so far up to yesterday can be read here: The Ballad of an Angry Russian

It’s a very funny read and my diary continues from this.

You see I am a very protective person. So when someone spews in local about how bad we are for not engaging them in their out classed and linked ships you can guess that I get a bit annoyed.

You see from the start of my pilot life Auner has been my home.

I know no other home so this person coming in and stating that they are going to kick us out and trying to do so really got me boiling.

The clever thing is to just ignore but then Auner is my home and I am for one not going to lie down and just hand it to them…

I had enough and suggested that if they wanted to spew rubbish in local about us not engaging them then you know what. Let’s show these pilots why we called the Bastards.

They like to fly specific ships and we like to fly small and fast frigates. Lord Lazyghost has been baiting them for some time as for some reason they really don’t like him.

He has never said anything bad about them in local or even in our forums but for some reason they just want to kill him.

Lazy is one of those people who will push your buttons if he knows he can so undocks in all sorts of stuff to see just really how seriously they want to kill him.

Undocking a Dread to kill a Battleship is pretty serious I would think so we have been messing with them on the station when bored. Let them shoot us and dock up again. Local spew about how bad we are continues and we just rinse and repeat. Them getting angry and we just not caring and laughing at their so-called null sec station camping tactics.

So we finally declared operation: “Hunt the Russians” officially open.

Today was just amazing as we killed the following:


I know right that’s a super crazy kill there…

Why? Why would you light a cyno on a station when you could lose this?
Pod Express 614 Mil

They then lost this bad boy:
Dominix 486 Mil
Pod Express 85 mil

So not bad.

We went on our normal open roam and had 2 possible recruits come and join us. No one wanted to FC so I did. We were 16 in fleet and the bigger the fleet the harder it is to find victims but we got a couple of kills and lost a couple of ships. So the roam did not go to bad.

Get Home Now! Was ordered by Johnny Twelvebore.

It looks like the Russians are wanting to play.

Luckily we were 5 jumps out so we headed home with pace. Sitting on the Auner gate in Resbroko waiting for our signal to activate was stressful and exciting all rolled into one.

They seemed to be baiting us to the novice with linked to death frigates and finally they got bored and FLK brought a Deimos at 0 on the acceleration gate. GO GO GO!

We activated and warped. By the time we got there it had burned away and we started after it while some of FLK’s Alliance friends came in with cruisers. Some died but we got the following:


FLK licking his wounds was not happy with the fact he lost his ship and brought in and lost:

Vexor Navy Issue

Again he was not happy and decided to roll out his heavy ships… It’s a pity that he lost those as well.


FLK warped out in a pod. Docked up and then must have rage quite. Local went silent with Russians leaving local but no gate fire…

While hoping for more kills to come our way and looting our riches, our trusty Probe pilot never stopped looking for targets. He activated fleet warp and away the fleet on grid went.

Where are we going?

We land in the middle of nowhere and low and behold a Rupture sitting 20km away doing a Mission or a combat site.

Pod Express

Not a bad night I think. I am very happy with the fact we starting to show the home invaders why Auner is our home.

Auner is getting interesting…