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Agh it’s that time again. Open roams are good fun.

I could not go on last week’s one as I was not around so this one was exciting for me to be part of.

We had 4 new people in fleet with us trying the life of the pirate and they all seem like good people so it really is looking like we growing and our recruitment is going well.

Auner has been busy with Russian action… pesky reds on our overviews and in Local.

We had a Golem and a Cyclone doing a mission in our home system. The Golem got away but his boosting alt in the Cyclone was not so lucky.

The Golem pilot then started talking to our trusty Russian friend FLK and his gang of null sec PVP killers.

They must have been really smart today because the Golem went back to the mission later with the Russians all leaving system but not jumping out?

Now Auner is our home so guess what… we know when you not jumping in and out of it. So when 10 or more Russians just Vanish from local then I guess there is only two options that they could have done. WH or Logged off all at the same time.

We figured that option 2 was deployed as we know what WH openings and Data sites are in our system every day. We do our homework.

So they are trying to then bait us with a loggoffski. (You log off and start your client again. Wait in character selection screen and when the fun appears you log in and all land and kill things.)

We are picturing 10 or more Russians sitting at their Character selection screen waiting for the fish (Us) to bite the bait (Golem).

We decide to go frigate roam instead.

You see we never said that our Russian friends where on the ball. We just said they there. So when you do something like that you normally have people in Alt’s in systems connecting to your system. It means you see when they coming and going.

They did not and was logged off for some time while we went roaming. I can only imagine the comms on their side wanting to log in and play the game while this one person is saying no and that it would give their position away…

We killed some small things and had a couple of good fights.

The Golem pilot warped in and out of the same mission trying and hoping to bait us to come shoot him.  Our little roam by this time was getting slow so why not go spring this bait.

We warp to Res and sit on the gate waiting for our eyes to get closer. We get the signal and off we go.

True to his word… As we jump in and warp to the Golem the Russians finally log back in. This is after about 2 hours of roaming on our part. That sounds like a real great time they having sitting at the Character selection screen for 2 hours.

We point the Golem and it goes into Bastion mode. We just shoot it as if we wanting to kill the Golem but you see we are not really wanting to. Well not just now anyway.

We know FLK will come in and what he is bringing. We more interested in him then the Golem for the moment.

We killed FLK again as soon as he came in and then a Hurricane. The others all warped away while tried to go for the Golem. We made a slight mess-up with the Golem and missed a scram on it so it got away but the target was never really the Golem. It was always FLK. He played right into our hands.

He thought he was the hunter but in fact we were always hunting him…