Firstly I need to say that I am very sorry for just stopping my diaries like I did.

I don’t know how many people read them weekly but if you are one of those people I say sorry for letting you down with not giving you updates on what is going on with us as an Alliance and myself as a new pirate in the making.

This post will try to explain what happened as I feel I should inform you.

So here is my very crappy excuse:

Real Life got very busy and that’s about it really.

Well you see it was a bunch of factors that just happen to come together in a 2 month period and something had to give.

Unfortunately that was my time on EVE and thus no updates as there actually was none to give.

The factors where:

Summer in Uk where it is actually sunny!!!! I come from South Africa and living in UK is very sad for us normally as the summers here are well let’s just say 2 days in total. 2 days of sun and then it’s back to grey clouds and rain.

So you can imagine a vitamin D starved individual finally getting sunny summer day’s one after the other for 4 weeks nonstop. I was out there like a mad man.

I am Web Designer in RL and starting to go more freelance so that was another thing. Trying to sort out my home to get ready for the big shift into the unknown dark pit of not getting paid a monthly pay check has started and hopefully we can make the transition a nice one.

My wife also decided that now was a great time to have a child so guess it’s another thing to add onto the list. Baby is due this year 22nd August.

So with baby on board in his pod and my wife being his little incursus we have set off many times to Jita to buy stuff from the overpriced double your isk traders. We have now re-done my Captains courters so it’s more baby friendly.

I swear as soon as it says baby on an item, the price is double. I hate you marketing people… but then I am one, so yes I hate myself as well.

I can tell you now that pregnant wife aggro is way worse than just wife or girlfriend aggro. Things need to happen now and if it does not then well let’s just say you don’t want to mess with the angry dragon lady…

So as you can see my time on EVE would be a bit limited.

I did try to get on but I think because we have a lot of UK players in our Alliance and the summer hit like it did, we all kind of had the same idea. Sun… Yes please!

So that’s my excuses really. They not great but I wanted to inform you.

On some other news we have recently had a long-lost Bastard re-join us. The Hermit.

He is finding the game very interesting because when he was last in his pod flying about, the only needed ship was a Rifter. Now it’s all about how you fly and fit your ship as to what ship you fly. I cannot thank CCP enough for this change to the frigate system. It really has meant that you can never really know what a ship can or cannot do. Only Rifters must have been boring as hell. We do get the occasional back when I was flying stories from him but that’s expected from an old eve veteran coming back.

I also would like your help with something:

One of our Bastard pilots has done a very silly thing. He has gone and decided to drive in the Mongolia Rally. It is started a week or so ago and they are driving from UK to Mongolia. He is doing it for charity and I was wondering if anybody wanted to donate a bit of rl isk to his drive.

To donate a bit of RL ISK please follow this link:

If you want to follow what they up to please see this blog link:

I know I am plugging but it is for a good cause so why not.

That’s it for now.

I will update a bit more until the baby comes and hopefully catch some of you guys and girls at #EVE_NT in September. It’s going to be amazing.