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I find it a bit strange to fly my ship again.

When I left before all the stuff happened, I found that I was sharp and quick to react. Something here move there. I can’t engage this because of set reasons so warp away. I can win this fight let’s go.

When you take a small break even if it is only a month or two you lose a lot of this natural flair if you want to call it that.

My first fight was in a Venture vs Atron. The Atron killed me…

I know, I know, the venture has stabs and I could have warped out anytime.
I felt like I was back to basics as I actually got so nervous during the fight that I forgot what to do, like warp out.

So I had to get the training wheels back on and get back up to previous form and quick. I bought a bunch of ships and fitting and fitted them up.

I give myself a 5 ship limit. In 5 ships time I must have a solo kill or more and be back up to scratch with my PVP mind-set.

I died many times doing this. I don’t mind dying but when you know why you are dying and you should not have died then I hate it. I have to do it if I want to improve and show my worth as a Pirate so it’s the pain before the storm of death.

After a bit of time I got the hang of it again. I decided to go to Caldari FW space and see what is going on there. Amarr space is very quiet. Maybe it’s the summer thing but places like Kamela and Kourmonen that is normally 30-40 people has 7-10. I think I have even seen Kamela with 5 people in system… Where is everyone?

Is Amarr and Minmitar FW dead?

Caldari space was interesting. It is like all the Amarr and Minmitar pilots all decided to stop shooting each other and go to Caldari space. There are loads of people there.

I got my first solo kill there. O yah!

Executioner at a large plex. Let us go investigate.

Landed and pointed the poor pilot sitting at 0 in a paper-thin ship. My incursus did not even have to rep once and I got his pod.

Warped to the station to drop off loot and docked up but noticed a cyclone outside running sensor boosters.

Drop loot and undock. I know this guy is going to want to kill me so start my warp but I am hovering over dock with the station selected.

Point on me and damage. Dock you crazy bastard dock now!

Repair my ship and ask if I could get past by any chance?

Now I don’t hate people but I do hate Idiots.

You see myself and the cyclone pilot where having a nice chat in local and I linked the executioner and pod I just killed when some other guy started joining in and stating that I actually suck as a PVP pilot. Linking my killboard and showing my solo kills logged on the Zkillboard tab. “Eve is not for everyone and you should maybe stop playing”, “You suck at EVE and I would be ashamed of a killboard like that?” and “Come fight me so I can show you how tiny my pecker is but how wide my mouth can be.” was some of the comments. Well maybe not the last one but the other two was said.

Now don’t get me wrong I never said I am a pro. I think I am still new really. I only broke the 10 million skill point barrier the other day so I am far from Pro.

Now the problem I find with “Mr Tiny pecker man” is that I know that he is flying with 3 x Navy comets and 2 x vengance and by the way he is talking in local shouting shit and abuse, I know that If I have to accept a 1v1 that he will only do so up to the point where I start winning and he will cheat and call in friends.

Nobody and I mean nobody likes to call out someone and then get their teeth kicked in. I am sure if he could he would say otherwise but let’s not kid ourselves here.

I just find people like this very irritating. I mean why would flying with 3 x faction frigates and 2 x Assault Frigates to then call out 1 x tier 1 Frigate sound like a clever plan. Surely a moron will do this?

My conclusion is that this man has no pecker.  This man is also a moron.
He is a very angry individual that clearly should not play games like this as they are only making him angrier. Life is maybe hard for this man. I do feel sorry for his corp mates that have to sit and deal with him. Maybe it’s the only way he can feel like a real man.

I got out of the station so no big problem there, Silly moron man.

Sorry for the vent but I really hate idiots.

With my solo kill under the belt I figured it’s time to go back to amarr and dock up.

Jump a gate and gate camp. Damit!

Burn back to gate or do we run it?

Run it.

Point, ship and pod down

Agh it’s ok. Ships are cheap and pod was empty and I am home so that actually works in my favour.

The next couple of days I decided to go solo roaming and got these kills:

Imperial Navy Slicer
Pod Express
Taranis (My first solo vs a tier 2 frigate – YAY!)

I think this was a good week…