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So I had a New Year resolution if you can remember that far back to FC a cruiser roam which I did in Helping A Friend of a Friend but had to call it very short due to the Russians chasing us.

My cruiser has been sitting in that station all this time.

It’s time to bail it out…

Cruiser roam is a go!!!

I put a call out for cruisers and people answered with cruisers. We had a new pilot wanting to join the ranks of pirate and even he decided to bring a cruiser. I like this man. Accept him quickly.

My cruiser was only 3 jumps away from our home system and to most of you I am sure you will be saying why you not just go and get it and fly it to Auner.

You see the Ardar and Hadozeko gate has been gate camped for the last 3-4 months. First it was the Russians trying to catch us and make our lives hell and then another corp took over ownership of that gate. It seems that even Shadow Cartel have now hired a new corp to just sit there all day every day and do just that. Gate camp that gate.

So you can see that if I decided to warp there I would have lost it in 1 jump and to the other route takes me through Amamake and a 10-13 jump round circle to just bypass the gate camp. I am flashy red and I am 100% sure that 3-5 jumps in I would have found a frigate waiting for me to rune my day.

So I had to go with friends and we had to be a big fleet. 10 cruisers + was a nice fleet. We got there with no problem and I got my ship out safely. We went to Caldari space and we actually got some kills. It was not amazing kills but kills are kills and it was a great way for me to learn how to FC cruisers.

They are so slow. It’s very strange to warp and align so slowly so it takes time. I got some great support from the vets during the fleet and after the fleet.

No one lost any of their ships so I will do it again. I want to lose this cruiser in a cruiser gang fight.


I am busy trying some new fits with the incursus and they seem to be working. I have also recorded some video of my solo fights but I am very bad at editing video so at the moment it’s just files to one day be used in a cool video project.

If anybody is good at making videos please give me a shout. Simple intro with music over it and I will be happy.

I had a good bunch of solo kills lately and I figured it’s time to see how many…

42 in total

Out of 400+ kills I have 42 solo. Now that does not sound like many if you look at that bigger figure but I am happy with my 42.