As I stated before my wife was pregnant with our first child and 2 weeks before the due date I got the phone call that every man dreads… Sir you have prostate Cancer.

Well maybe not that bad but the water broke and I had to rush home and sit in hospital with her until very late into the night.

We were flipping coins and taking bets as to what date the little bugger was coming into the world but on the 12th August at 11:43 baby Erik Sebastian was born.

It’s been a bit crazy with my time going from hero to zero in no time. Very tired most days but I occasionally was allowed to quickly log on and start new skills by the evil dragon sleep deprived lady wife.

Things are starting to get a bit better now and all the tests and check-ups have been done. Baby seems healthy and no complications. To be honest the 10 fingers and toes thing was all I worried about really.

I am still attending the #EVE_NT in Nottingham this weekend. If you have not RSVPD for it and want to come say hello please do so on the forums so that the organizer of the event knows numbers. It’s currently 150+ which is crazy as myself and Nashh were expecting only about 80 to turn up when we first spoke about it.

Please come say hello if you there.

I should be coming back slowly into EVE again after the event so should start updating the diaries more.

See you on Saturday…