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So I was wanting to get back to my EVE Online and one thing to the next has meant that I have had very limited time online or I have been online but have had to deal with some drama lama as they say.

#EVE_NT was freaking amazing!!! I went so I am not a douche bag. Nashh Kadavr did an amazing job with the management of the event and from the feedback from fellow EVE players on the forums it seems like the event was a success.

We had 173 RSVP on the forums. We counted and there was about 120+ people in and out during the day. That’s not bad at all. My 1 month old son was there supporting the bastards with his bastards branded baby grow. You can see a photo on twitter. Some prizes were won in charity raffles and Indy game tournaments. I even got to play Mario Smash bros for the first time and DUST. DUST is interesting but I don’t like it on the console. Maybe the PC version which CCP is working on will be better when it comes out or is it out already? Need to investigate.

It was good to see my design work on all the walls for all the advertisers and sponsors I had done artwork for. Very proud moment.

Our bastard’s new website has gone live into Beta. I did the design work and my fellow bastard Dwaigon did the code. We still in the process of fixing some issues with it but that’s beta for you. Link is here: http://www.the-bastards.net

On top of all this we had a CEO change. Anabaric has gone into semi-retirement and handed the mantle to Johnny Twelvebore who was being groomed by Anabaric as the next man in charge.

We then had some issues with Directors and everyone decided to be 5 years old and throw tantrums and the final result of the tantrum was Johnny Leaving us to go back to Tuskers due to some RL stuff effecting him so our New CEO by Director Vote is Nashh Kadavr.

I have been appointed a Director which is freaking cool but at the same time I have to remind myself not to let the power get to my head… Dance monkeys! Dance!!

We are busy trying to get the corp back on track now with all the lama drama over and that’s another reason why I have not been online and pvping too much. It will not take long to do as we all adults in the Bastards and realize that the leadership of the bastards does not actually affect the rest of the alliance, how we play and I think the guys are amazing for noticing this and just continuing to go out in roams and do stuff. It’s all about having fun.

Ithica the creator of our “Meats vs Bastards Tournament” and “Hauler Death Race” is hard at work with creating some really good event for us and I am looking forward to all of them. The Police comet event we have come up is going to be amazing and I want to record our coms as it is going to be funny as hell. We have to use special Role Play commands on coms. “There is a perp in the crack house” is apparently the same as “I found a ship in a plex”. We have about 20 of them that we have to use and it’s going to be funny to see who can keep in character.

I came up with a very good “Bastard Drunk roam – drinking game” (apparently the bastards use to do drunk roams) which I will be running at some point. I just don’t hope we have a busy home system otherwise we not going to make Resbroko (1 Jump) It involves shots and penalty shots or maybe instead of shot we do a strong drink on the side. But it will be funny in 2 hours of roaming who is still with us and who is sleeping on keyboards.

I think from what I can see with our new CEO in place that he wants us to grow and with this recruitment and events with fleets and contests are big in his leadership plans. With this in mind Meatshield is open for recruitment and will not close soon.

If you want to come fly with us and you want to take part in the events we have planned for the next 2 months then get to our public channel: DBastards and come say hello. The next 2 months are going to be epic.