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I sweet talked AzazelDev one of our old bastards who has now come back to New Eden after a long holiday to FC the fleet. If he tells you differently then he is lying to you.

It ended up Tibbs being FC and Lazy being second. I think AzazelDev could have done it but because it was the first fleet out after the big director tantrum of 2014 we decided to go safe and choose Tibbs to lead. AzazelDev if you reading this… You not getting away from it that easily.

Just slightly before the Open roam I went hunting solo and met Mr Spaxi in Vard. We were searching for some frigates when I spotted a Procurer mining in an asteroid belt. It’s got to be bait I say! Let’s spring it says Spaxi. I was on my way there to do just that when he said it so arrived first and got point and started shooting his drones. Valkyrie T1. So maybe this is not a trap?

Pod Express

5 minutes later I see my mailbox flash and apparently the miner put a bounty on me for 100 000 isk. This is my first every bounty so I am super excited. I feel like one of those wanted posters from the old western films:

100 000 Reward

Open roam was a blast. We all went Tristan hulls but were brawler, triple nuet and kite fitted.

Lazy and I where kite so we scouted the party of a thousand drones to victory. We chased an Ishkur and a Maller in Arnher to no prevail. SCUM failed somewhere and came past us in pods. We then spotted a SCUM prophecy in Evati that must have run away and did not get killed. We hunted it but he docked up and would not come play with us.

We decided to go to Siseide as we know it is busy there and should get a fight. We found nothing!!!

Kourmonen has to be busy! 32 In local so we warp to the medium where there is a Condor in. Lazy and I go in and pilot decided to stay. Lazy and I killed it but I think it was more lazy’s kill than mine.


We waited for people to come and play and nothing happened so we went to Kamela next door.

This is where things got exciting as we scanned down a Maller, Caracal, Stabber fleet Issue and a Drake in the Large plex.

We warp at 100 and see that actually the cruisers are shooting the Drake pilot. We figure we will help the cruisers and start the burn towards the drake when the cruisers must have thought we there to help the drake and they let the drake go and he warps out. Lucky Drake! We figure seeing as they split up we might as well go for the cruisers and prime targets get called.

Stabber FI
Mobile Tractor unit

The tractor unit was just there and must have been dropped by the drake. The Caracal warped out as soon as we pointed the Maller and Stabber which was silly as he could have killed some of us instead and help his friends but he did not and so we got some GF’s in local.

We don’t want to overstay our welcome so dock up repair and off we go on a slow flight homewards. We happen to stick our heads into Siseide and see 4 Destroyers in a small.

Tibbs tells us what he wants us to do before we land and we all follow like real men by not listening and split fire due to some excitement. We finally start shooting the same target and they go down. Amazing what happens when you actually listen to your FC.


We very happy so start looting the field like real pirates when we spot some frigates on short. We had lost some frigs in the destroyer fight but we think we have enough to take them on.

In true “I don’t know what I am doing” PVP fashion the frigates come in 2 by 2 and get annihilated by drones.


We completed the looting of the field and gave the gf in local.

We make our way home with loot in the hulls and profit in the corp wallet.

It was a really fun night and great to fly with the guys again.