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You just started the game and BOOM you find out about piracy and think it is for you. If you want to be a Pirate like Capt Jack Sparrow! Like Blackbeard!

Welcome to the cool kids club.

Pirates = Cool kids.

We have the most fun and are normally the best at PVP. This is nothing to do with the other regions being bad but just that most pirates are Solo pilots or are small 3-5 pilot gang specialists.

We like fast fights and working as a well-oiled team. If EVE was a military force then Pirates would be the Special Forces. The guys that go behind enemy lines to kick the teeth of the enemy in their sleep.

If you look at a new players journey for the 1st Year in New Eden and you look at the three different security sectors then you will find that 9 times out of 10 that low sec pilots out smart and out play Null and High sec.

Null sec is simply a mass ball of pilots all fighting together in fleets of 150+ where a small gang fleet for them will be 15-20 pilots. You are 1 of many numbers in that fleet. If you die then well there are more pilots just like you so no one cares.

High sec war tactics from what I can gather is again big masses of people wardec each other or picking on new corporations for easy kills. You will be spending your time finding your alliance you have war decked and camping them into a station or catching them on a gate.

You rarely find High sec or Null Sec Solo Pilots just killing people because they can.

Low sec has got big fights but for us a blob is 15-20. For low sec pilots it is a pirate life or a low sec pvp life.

The 2 lifestyles in Low sec is very close to each other but with 2 clear difference. Pirates ransom other pilots and we have no friends.

We at the Bastards do ransom pilots and some pay but most don’t. One thing we do well is singing ransoms and what we do is normally pay the pilot who is singing instead of asking for him to give us isk. This is backwards we know but we figure we already got his ship so we might as well help the person out. It’s a bit like X-Factor but in EVE Online with a gun pointing to your head. The only thing they lose if they don’t is their pod and the only thing they gain from singing is us giving them isk if done well. They win, we win and we continue with our roam.

Other than the Ransoms in EVE online the Low sec PVP and Pirate Corporations are very the same. Low sec PVP corporations might have blue standings with other corporations where Pirate Corporations have 1 thing in common. Shoot everyone ask questions later.

We can be killing each other now and in 1 hour we get a call from the same Corp or Alliance that would like our help with something. We then help each other by fleeting up and jumping on one of the Alliances Coms. After this is done and everybody is safely in their home station we can go out and shoot each other again.

It’s a very unique type of play style in New Eden. The fact we don’t have any blue standings with others makes finding fights amazingly easy. If you can catch a ship and point it so it does not warp away then you can shoot it.

I encourage our pilots to go solo and get solo kills. It’s a hard task to do and not everyone is up to the task but I learned so much going out solo and losing ship after ship. Every loss is a lesson I tell them and you get better at the game. The day you don’t fear losing a ship anymore in EVE is the day you will be a good pilot and will improve massively. We like to get players over this fear early and going out solo is key to this.

Mr Spaxi is one of these. I took him under my wing when he first started only 4 months after I had. I had done a lot of solo hunting and gave him the knowledge I had gathered and set him a 10 ship limit task. 10 losses but needs to have a solo kill.

He achieved this in under 2 days. He kept throwing ship after ship after ship at targets and with anything the more you do the better you get at it.

Now not everyone is a Mr Spaxi. He has surpassed me in our killboards and just like in Star Wars. The apprentice has now become the master. Just don’t tell him I said that… I think he might read this and if you do Mr Spaxi. You crap and I will beat you every time…

The pirate life is not for all but only those who want to be the best they can be and also want to have a good bunch of pilots next to them in a battlefield.

If you want to still be a pirate then look up our open roams on Mondays. You can come fly with us and try it out.

Join our Public Channel:  DBastards

Type in the chat: YARR!!! Eric sent me here

If you don’t have at least a kill on your killboard by the end of the night and had fun then we have done something wrong.

I hope to see you in the Public Channel and hope to be seeing you in our fleets.