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I wanted to record myself flying spaceships. I like to look at myself and think how amazing I am at losing ship after ship and believe me I had a lot of recordings of this.

Unfortunately no one wants to see that or do they? Maybe “Eric Shang Derp Frigate” video needs to be made?

So I took some of the winning fights and started to put them together in a small movie to post on our forum so I could get some feedback from the vets of the Solo thing. I was thinking that they would praise my foolishness and I would feel good about looking like a fool.

It’s just my way of saying Fuck it!

So as I was putting it together the first time I figured I would put it onto YouTube and so it grew and grew and finally I just said you know what let’s just do it properly.

I am creating a Solo Series called “The Soloist” and no this is not Jamie Fox playing the violin.

I must warn that the Quality is not perfect as this is still being ironed out. The footage is from about 6-7 months ago so I do make some silly mistakes like not pressing Shift + module to Overheat and I am still a rookie when it comes to video editing and Adobe Premier.

So with that said please have a look and rate it in the comments on the video or here. If you have any tips please give them. I want to learn.

Enough reading. Start the watching: