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Good Day to all

I am sure if you reading this then you must have thought about it or maybe you just feel like trolling. To both of you I say welcome and troll away.

EVE missions from what I have heard have had some changes done to them but not massively changed in all of EVE online’s existence. They add more but change little.

I call for a full change on how the missions are done from a year old pilot point of view and I will explain my play style, the problem I noticed and a possible solution.

My Play Style

I do missions and have done to make some extra isk. I am finally in a solo level 4 Tengu and one thing that I find with the current missions system is that well they boring.

I luckily have Eric to do piracy and this is my PVP happy in corporation with friend’s time.

So I get a social aspect of the game which keeps me in game and thus I keep paying subs. I do missions because it’s something I can do by myself from level 1 to level 4 and eventually buy a carrier and do level 5 solo.

So far I have done my missions solo because its times where I cannot be on coms or dedicate my time 100% at my desk so a quick level 4 here and there are brilliant. Extra isk for Eric to PVP when I can.

I Found Problems

With my son being born I have found that my time in PVP and in the Social environment has been significantly slashed. RL comes first and my son will always take priority. Now not everyone is a dad and has this responsibility but then not everyone has the time to play EVE all the time or in a social environment.

So I have found that I do more and more missions and trading at the moment. While I am doing more of the missions I found that I am getting bored of them very quickly. This got me thinking of new players to the game.

Now normally I would just say that it’s fine because as soon as I got bored I would switch over to Eric and get back to the social part of the game and PVP. I am happy again.

I do have this available now but I feel being in fleet for 20 Minutes to then dock up because the little one is crying or something has happened is a bit of a joke. They are 1 man down in the roam and in piracy with small fleets that 1 man counts. So technically I feel they can’t count on me to be there 100% or commit 100%.

So More Missions and trading is the way forward until I get some time for myself if ever.

This is when I started thinking about it a bit more. What happens if I don’t get my time back or if people come to the game not able to play like I did before my son was born? They and I would have to do missions and trade and perhaps some Industrial stuff but by ourselves or in a corp that allows for sporadic pilots times and no coms.

The industry changes where really cool and I have tested it and I like it. It’s easy and it means I can make stuff which is cool.

The trade is well trade and that will not change I don’t see a need for it but while I am waiting for buy orders to be filled and sell orders to be depleted I would need a filler and that’s Missions.

Missions – Currently

I am bored to death in 2 Months of doing missions. I have not done them all the time but that’s because they have made me bored of EVE the more I do them.

I have played other MMO games and there is always an element of grind in the missions and I know that there are games much worse than EVE Online for grinding but I feel there is a problem here.

I have said this before and I will say it again. If it was not for the social aspect of my corporation that I would have left after 2 months in the game and because I don’t have the social aspect anymore I am getting to the point of thinking of stopping my EVE Subs.

Log in to be bored while grinding is well pointless and yet I don’t want to stop playing this game. I enjoy eve and what I has to offer me. I have met people in game that are amazing friends now and I met some of you at #EVE_NT in September this year. This game is freaking amazing! You are freaking amazing!

There must be something then wrong in the missions to make me want to stop playing this game.

I can’t think of anything worse than to pay money for boredom.

I started looking into this:

  1. Why am I bored of missions?
  2. What is making them boring?

Why am I bored of missions?
It’s a simple answer. The Grind!
Same missions over and over and over and no point to them.

What is making them boring?
There is no point to the missions in EVE other than to do them and make isk. You don’t feel like you apart of anything in game. Nothing you do in the missions are contributing to anything outside of the mission in new Eden.

It’s not like the mission you doing now will help the FW or system you getting the missions from in any way shape or form or help anybody in that matter other than your wallet and you’re standing with set corp.  None of the missions are connected to each other in any way. You get the odd part 1 to part 5 missions and those are ok but they are not contributing to New Eden at all.

You simply accept – warp to – kill targets – hand in.
Reward: Isk and LP

If every single person stops doing missions now would it effect the game in anyway?
Not at all.

Off course the items that it drops will on Jita and trade hubs but will it affect the outcome of the game in any way? I do mean the game as in the current way we playing in high sec. (there is no end game. I know)

I have tried FW and the plex system with tiers in the FW system making the pilots fight in plexes and trying to get the tiers higher to level the systems up. These are exploited by many but you still feel that if you in a plex and you finish it that you are still helping the Faction you in to gain ground in the fight and help with increasing things like the system and so on. So you doing something contributes to something happening.

Why can’t missions be more in line with this?

A Possible solution – TLDR People start here
I really love this game and I want new players to love it as well but more importantly I want to keep on playing it and with this I have thought of a possible solution to this problem.

Solution 1
Missions are Corporation specific. Each Corporation has missions that benefit that corporation and the benefits can be seen in New Eden. Maybe one system has one corporation as the main corporation and the other corporation is trying to take over that High sec system. By doing missions you contribute to this and help flip the system to your corporation’s control. Your corporation then give you bonuses like extra LP just like FW. Doing the missions then means you helping your High sec npc corporation gain systems in New Eden. It’s more like Null and FW and is not just shoot and collect. You feel like you doing something and you matter.

Solution 2
The missions need to be scrapped and redone so that there is more of a flow and arc in them. We currently have over 150 missions per level. That’s 600 missions from 1-4 that have nothing to do with New Eden and does not affect the systems or game at all. Maybe what you could do is Arch them so that the final missions help your npc corporations Faction and thus you have to do a big mission in low sec. This mission then helps the FW System and can help flip over the system. It also adds a bit of risk to the missions that are higher Level and brings back the fear of anything is possible in space.

Solution 3
Missions are security level dependant as the level goes up. Level 1 is new player friendly and all in those systems are new players.

Level 1(Sec 1.0 – 0.8)
Level 2 (Sec 0.7 – 0.6)
Level 3 (Sec 0.5 with a possible 0.4 every now and again)
Level 4 (low sec and is 0.4 – 0.1)
Level 5 (null)

This really means that you can’t just fly PVE fit ships and push f1 in level 3 – 5. You need to fit for a bit of a pvp. It means you can’t just buy a carrier and sit in low sec by yourself and do them solo. You need a team support. Level 4 -5 also have no acceleration gates and means you can get probed down and killed. Again this brings the fear factor of space is dangerous place. You want Isk then there is risk in reward. Take the risk and get the reward.

Solution 4
Maybe you could have a combination of Solution 1-3. That would be amazing.

It’s just my solution so please if you going to troll then do so but know it’s only 4 solutions that I have come up with and instead of trolling the post why don’t you come up with more solutions and hopefully CCP will read it and take the good bits from everyone. Who knows maybe we change something.

I think you can see that I have put a lot of thought into it and I hope that it all makes sense. I hope that you agree that the missions are boring as hell and I know it will be driving away players wanting to come play a more solo type of EVE away from the start. This can and I do think it can help with that. It will mean that the new player feels involved in the game more from the start and then when they ready move to a player owned Corp.

Forcing a player to be social when outside things are preventing this from happening is the wrong way to look at things and this really will help with that.