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The last three days have been hard for me. I have had to make some decisions about Eric. It has been weird how you grow attached to a pilot and to the person you have created in-game. It is even harder to make decisions about the pilot you created when you have made great friends in-game and also out of game with him. I guess it has been harder for me with Eric because well he is me. Ok my name is not Eric and I don’t fly in space but when online and writing in my diary to myself and I guess to people reading it… It has been me. I never changed my persona here and when online. If you met me on TS and then met me in RL you would know that Eric and I are the same.

So killing off Eric in the Biomass chamber is a very scary thought. I have started the process every night before I go to sleep for the last 3 days and by the time I log in again I cancel it. I just can’t seem to click the final are you sure yes button.

Now I know what people might be thinking. That there is something wrong with the Alliance or maybe I had a massive fight with people but there have been no fights and the Alliance is doing amazing under our new CEO and our recruitment officers are Amazing!

So why the biomass thing then Eric I hear you ask?

The reason for it is that well Eric is for me and will always be “Eric Shang The Bastard”. I have a polo shirt and hoody with my Alliance logo and my name on it. I feel proud to call Eric a pirate and a bastard. I feel proud of Eric and his achievements and I even wear my hoody or polo shirt in RL public with pride. I can’t really see Eric as anything else. That’s why I thought I have to do the thing that scares me the most. Biomass the poor man and start again.

I started the process last night again and by now the process should be at a point where I can finally click the button to say are you sure? Yes!

Or maybe I can’t!

I do need to try new things in New Eden. I only know piracy and I only know what the bastards have taught me. I do need to try other things but should I biomass Eric or should I continue with new adventures with him. Maybe I should leave it up to you.

This is an idea that I have been playing with. Asking you to write me Eve Mails and informing me what you have to offer Eric and hopefully I can take one of you up on the offer.

He has 20 Million SP and I guess you know what I can do and you know my corp history lol.

Send me an in-game EVE mail and if I don’t get any good responses by end of the week then I will have to rethink what to do next.

I need your help to save Eric Shang.

Eric Shang


PS: I have not stolen anything! That was just a joke as I am not that type of person and would never do that to anybody ever.