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I thought about it long and hard and decided after many evemails and pm from concerned readers that I will not BioMass poor and helpless Eric but to go and try null.

CFC was constantly mentioned to me by fellow Bastards but I figured I would go the other way. I don’t really like the Goons and feel that even though they have a place in EVE that there is just something not right with 1 Alliance holding most of Null ransom.

I know shock horror as I am a pirate who likes ransoms but 1 Alliance joined together by the other power blocks to rule null is for me just a little sad. I want to be able to jump into null and see fights daily and fleets daily because its defense fleets or we going to attack stuff. I don’t want 200 vs 30. I want 30 vs 200 and hopefully win. I still want some type of challenge right?

POS Shooting is not my cup of tea and I am sure as hell not going to be just pressing F1. The bastards thought me better than that.

So for me it was the underdog. I like thinking that I can help an Alliance win some fights with my skill learned as a FC and a pirate in a fleet engagement.

I am now in a very new corp called: Nalio Inc. that was started just the other day by a Guy wanting to do his own thing but within the Alliance Environment. It is small now but hopefully it can slowly grow seeing as the owner is a nice guy I think he will go far.

With null comes a change to tactics for me. I don’t like cruisers and big things. They slow and well slow. So to keep Frigate pvp alive in Null like I want to do I figured it’s time to change and grow as a Pirate in space. Tech 2 versions of the Atron was made and fitted and I am now flying the Taranis. It’s a little devil I tell you with 400DPS!

My first day in Test was exciting as I finally killed a PL guy I caught!


The next day we went out in a 70 Man fleet (For me this is the biggest fleet I have ever been in so super excited.)

We got a massive gang but as I am still a bit careful with things I stayed close out of scram range and played smart.

I figured the frigates where all stupid people orbit and f1 pilots. I was not disappointed.

Navy Comet
And then we had a bomber trying to whore on some kills but foolishly did not cloak fast enough so:

Purifier Down!

Also I find it very interesting how no pods warp away after being killed on the field so as they prime target popped and they switched to secondary I went prime target candy popping.

Pods Fear me!

Pod Express 1
Pod Express 2
Pod Express 3
Pod Express 4
Pod Express 5
One thing any pilot should do that now knows the game is to always and I mean always listen to your inner you. All frigates warp to gate and try to catch stuff meant that I would stay with fleet. I don’t know the FC and I don’t trust any of them plus it seems like frigates in general are considered as canon fodder. All frigates go there and catch stuff and if you die then its a frigate. Who cares?

Well I do so I figured if the FC want to go gun ho into a gate where frigates die first then I will be staying close to the action. Hug the biggest ship and make sure you kill the small things around him.

I did unfortunately meet a sabre on a gate and he was not kind to me…


So far Null has been cool for me. I think I know as much as most FC’s in the Alliance that I have flown with and also know more than some of them. I will not be FCing for some time though. You have got to learn your playground first.

Month 1 is settling in time I guess