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So I have been in Test now for just over 2 weeks and can tell you that it is 50/50 in the fun and excitement department.

Firstly I fly mostly by myself because well I don’t like the fleet comms they have set up (Maybe another post here) and also in just over 1 week I figured out that they fly the same stuff a lot. Jump onto Brave Newbie coms (We mostly on here) and there is a moa fleet out. Jump on coms next day and there is another moa fleet out. Next day the same thing.

So you figure that PL and CFC would know what to bring to counter them… They do and then you have 20 PL vs 45 Brave/Test and we have to dock up because well we took out Moa’s again and they have tracking disrupted arbitrators with drones.

I stated that it’s not a great idea to take out the Moa’s just for this reason and was not listened to so I just watched from a distance how Moa’s where trying to shoot Arbitrators while tracking disrupted.

Don’t worry Eric we have 4 logi with us” I hear. Again something that goes with moa fleets is logi and PL have a counter for that. Damp the shit out the logi and guess what. No moa gets reps because they cannot target the moa fleet.

The fc is shooting the arbitrators instead of the enemy gangs 3 logi pilots who as soon as the arbitrators gets into armour gets repped up again.

So you have (Test/Brave) Moa’s trying to catch (PL) Arbitrators who are TD them to hell and getting repped up by their (PL) logi and you have (Test/Brave) logi trying to rep moa’s with their lock range dampened.

Now normally I would say dock up and get into missile ships. Caracals or something where the Tracking disruptors have no effect.

Not these guys.

Keep burning towards the Arbitrators” you hear on coms.

Its things like this that make me wonder why people come to null sec? I brought this up with the FC after he had lost so badly and asked why he did not switch? He stated that the ships are SRP (Ship Replacement Programme) and that if they lose them then the pilot simply gets another.

This is a valid point he makes. Ships being replaced is valid in null especially with new players knowing nothing and null sec Alliances wanting to attract new pilots.

Come to null we have cake!
Cake = free shit

It does however raise some problems in that if you only undock the same setup each time you are super predictable and easily countered and also your fc and future FC’s only fly this setup and will only be able to FC this setup.

I honestly think that some of the FC’s in Brave and Test are FCing because they have been there for so long that they simply know what range a moa can shoot from with specific ammo and also knows all the tactical markers around the systems.

I have seen fleets where PL warp to one of our tactical points (Clearly PL have spies in one or both Alliances) to let us warp to them. As soon as we do this they warp out and uncloak bombers to start bombing the spot where we going to land. Very clever I hear you say and it is.

The problem you have is that it’s fine to happen once. I mean it’s a clever tactic but to have the fleet warp out and PL going back to the same tactical point and for us to warp back there and the same thing happens not 2 or 3 times but 5 in a row!

I even started thinking that the FC was the PL spy! “Warp to your death my little friends MU AH AH AH“.

Doing my solo thing seems to work for me. I am in fleet with them and on comms with them so if there is a kill that I can help with I don’t mind helping but I am sure as hell not just going to fly my frigates like they cannon fodder.

PL is very good at tactics and they should be seeing as they have won AT more than once. I just find it surprising how we mostly fight in our home system and we still loose due to poor ship choice and Fc’s only knowing a specific ship.

Don’t get me wrong in thinking I am just bitching about Test and Brave. I think this could be a massive problem with a lot of null sec Alliances.

I am having fun flying solo but still in fleet and on the battle field. I am playing my role as a T1 Solo frigate pirate in null and killing the interceptors when they foolishly burn out to catch me.


Please note that not all FC’s I have flown with are bad and some are really good. The point I want to make is that you need to have Fc’s that know the ships they fly and are attacking. To switch ships when you can clearly see you not going to be effective against the enemy setup or even know to switch before you engage them.

I am in no way blaming the FC that day or any other day. You have been put into a program most likely that gives you power to run fleets. You most likely run them as others have done before you and so you feel like you are doing a good job.

Losing a 20 vs 45 or even a 75 vs a 10 man camel empire gang is bad in any body’s books. Especially if you were given Intel and went against it.

I do think that the null Fc’s that start out should be restricted to frigates until they learn and get to a point where they get promoted to do bigger things. This might be in place now and if it is then Alliances should also look at demoting Fc’s back down to training FC if they make a set amount or massive mistake. Its harsh I know but if you really want to be taken serious as a FC then you need to win fights.

I wonder how many people would actually fleet up if there is a No SRP fleet?