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After writing my last post and reading it again a thought kept propping into my head. What would happen if all the pirate alliances for 1 month set each other blue went into null at a set place and started to work their way up the pipe and just started shooting stuff? Basically a Coalition of Low sec vs null.

You only have to look at the AT of this year to see what would happen. 2 of the 4 finalist where low sec Alliances and only 3 low sec Alliances really took place where the 3rd (Shadow Cartel) came in the top 10. I mean the winner was a low sec Alliance.

In the low sec corner you have:

Shadow Cartel – (Top 10)
The Tuskers (top 4)
The Camel Empire (Winner)
Stay Frosty
The Bastards
Snuffed Out
The Devils Tattoo
Easily Excited
Only for fun
Overload Everything
Rooks & Kings
Screaming Hayabusa

And then some more…

Now take all those amazing FC pilots and the pilots that are solo specialists and great at 1v2 or more and put them into a fleet and attack a system or area. All in different coms but working together or in one coms if possible.

You need supers I hear you say… guess what low sec have them.

Ok the CFC has more titans and supers I give you that but I would think that with the amount of pilot and pvp knowledge between the pirate lords would make for a very interesting month.

I would love to see this happen one day. Just an all-out pirate train of DOOM trough null and the bears that live in it. Ok I am in null now but my god It would be glorious to see how 300 man fleets crumble by superior pvp experience. Well that’s even if the 300 man gang makes it to the party… Clarion 5?

I can only dream.