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This is my guide to any new Pilots reading this as to how to find a corporation that is correct for you and what you want to do in EVE Online. The first corporation you join will make or break your time in EVE.

Join the wrong one and you will not enjoy the game at all. Join the correct one and you will have the time of your life and the bug as they say will bite and you will be an EVE Vet in no time.

Now I must note that this guide starts at thinking you are subscribing (Subing) your account and you are no longer on the Trial. Most Corporations that are worth mentioning will not take any Trial accounts so unless you want to be taken seriously it will mean you will have to sub the account.

Now that this has been cleared up I thought we would look at what professions there are and then how to go about looking and applying for a corp.


So professions in EVE Online are the following:

High Sec
High Sec NPC Mission Runner
Planet Interaction

Low Sec
Faction Warfare
Low Sec NPC Mission Runner
Moon Mining
Drug Manufacturer

Null Sec
Null PVP
Pirate NPC Mission Runner
Belt Ratter
Capital Manufacturer

Not sure (Sorry Never really done this but will try to get an update at some point.)

Note: Most of if not all the High sec careers can be done in low sec and null sec as well.

With so many professions it’s very easy to see that there is something for everyone to do. You don’t have to PVP if you don’t want to. I must warn you now that some of the professions are going to be something that you cannot do as a solo person and you will need to do it at a corporation level or even at Alliance level but it is still do able.

Finding a Corp

Now normally there are 4 ways you find a corporation.

  1. You join the recruitment channel that has been created and wait there looking through endless amount of people posting that they want you to join them. Whatever you do after reading this… Do not ever join a corporation from that channel.

Advert Example from recruitment channel:

Eric Shang Corp recruiting now!
We are a friendly bunch of pilots that love new players so come and join us. We do the following on a daily basis:

Mining + Orca Booster
Null sec Alliance support


Now firstly as a corporation wanting to be taken serious the corporation needs to know what it is doing as a corporation. If you run just missions all day then you are a mission running Corp. You can’t then advertise you do PVP and Missions and Mining and FW and more and more.

You have got the say what you do so people know what they getting themselves into.

So if you see adverts like this then don’t even bother with them. You want to do what you want to do and you need to find a corp that does just that.

So option 1 is not for you if you want a good corporation.


  1. You can talk to people in local chat and hopefully people are nice to you and you get invited to join their corp.

This is a great way if you don’t really know what you want to do but also it’s the same problem as number 1. The person might do some mining today and you think he is a miner in a cool mining corp and so you join. Now you find out that he is hardly ever online with that pilot and you and he are the only 2 people in the corporation. There is no point in you actually joining something like that.


  1. EVE Online Forums – Alliance/Corporation Recruitment threads with people looking for corporations and also corporations looking for people.

This is one of the better ways of doing it. You can see who is recruiting and what they do. It is a bit better than the recruitment channel purely because they can explain in details what they about. So you can have a good read and make a decision. Also you can use the search function on the forum to search for your career path choice. Search for “incursion corporation recruitment” because they look fun and you want to do incursions. You will be presented with a list of threads with corporation recruiting or talking about it and then you just need to do a little homework to find the right one for you. Time zones they run are very important and if they accept new players.

  1. Search for your “Eve Online + career path + Corporation” online using the good old Google.

Look through the links and find ones you like and then go speak to them.


Corporation Information and Description

I think a lot of people don’t check this information. I have seen adverts for corporations that sound amazing but then you do a bit of digging and you find there are 3-5 people in the corp. That’s possibly 2 people with alts. So again you want to check corporation information in-game and look at pilot numbers and also if they have a corp description. Numbers you looking for are 30+ as this means at one point that about 7-10 people will be online and you will have someone to talk to and learn from.

The corporation description is what they do. It’s the corp Bio. No description means that the CEO can’t even be bothered to update some lines of text to say what the corporation is and stands for. He/She could be lazy or maybe they just don’t know. If they don’t know then it’s maybe a good idea to stay away.


Public Channels

Every corporation should have a public channel. If their public channel is busy and most of the people who are online at the time you in it are from that corp it means the corporation is busy and alive with content. This means you will join and have fun from day one. The public channel should be used to see if the people are great people and also people you want to spend time with online.

Are they nice?
Are they helpful?

Remember that the corporation you join for your first corporation needs to help you and mould you into what you want to become. Asking them questions about the profession to test if they actually do what they said in their threads or adverts and how often they do it is key here, also learn how you will make isk in their corporation is key. What they do and how you can help them will be useful information for you. Ships and fittings needed and if you can’t fly those what else do they need that you could fly instead while you train up to that ship they need, that sort of thing.


PVP Corporations and Killboards

They say they do pvp and are amazing pirates or maybe null sec pvp or fw pvp. Any pvp means that their killboard will be amazing. If they are good and you want to learn from the best then they will have a good ranking on Battle Clinic and have an active killboard. That means that they would have killed something today or yesterday. Not 1 ship but many. Also you want to look at the kills versus the losses. If they lose more than they kill I would say someone is lying to you.

What is the pilot rankings? Who is the pilot ranked the highest and now you know who to learn from.

As you can see it’s just doing a bit of homework before you just jump into a corporation. Most people are so eager to join a corporation that they join the incorrect one and it means you will hate the game and never have fun.

It’s your game time and you pay for it. Make the most out of your time online and also make sure you do the things that you want to do. I mean that’s what EVE Online is all about. It’s your pilot and your game. You can do what you want when you want. Just find someone or people who like doing the same thing in your time zone and you will never look back.

Good Luck and I hope you find the Corporation for you. I hope this guide helped you in this and please send any feedback if you have any to me in-game. I am happy to chat with new players and guide them.

Eric Shang