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I have been toying with the idea of going truly solo. I mean no Corp just Me, Myself and Jim Carrey.

I went to null with a solo mind-set and though null is great in ways but I soon found that because I have been in low sec for such a long time with exciting stuff happening every day that well null loses its charm quickly.

I was the only person killing things in the corp of 24 people. Who knows what the others were doing?

I figured I would go back to where I belong. Low Sec.

I want to get better at Solo and that was always my goal from the start. I have had many solo kills now and I feel I am competent but then I am not great. I am not excellent like I would like to be.

Mr Spaxi had a very interesting mind-set of just go for it. I think in a way I had this mind-set in the beginning but as time went on Spaxi got better because of this and I became too selective with my fights and did not engage things as often because I was promoted and had to look professional(In my mind that is). In a way because I did not have to prove myself anymore to my peers meant I got lazy and soft. I also don’t like losing ships and this is just a personal thing where Spaxi just did not give a crap about the things.

Pixels mate it’s just pixels”.

Its advice we were given by many of the best pirates and PVP pilots in the game. Just throw ships at targets and you soon learn tricks and tips on how to beat ships you normally would not beat.

Spaxi took the advice and ran head on with it. In a way I did but also I like to maybe over think things sometimes and easy kills that Spaxi would have just gone gung-ho into I would steer away from.

Incursus vs Fed Navy Comet = hell no!

Spaxi has killed many solo in his incursus and it all boils down to the fact that he goes for the fight. Sometimes he wins and sometimes he loses and learns. I think this is the problem I have or shall we say had.

By losing a lot in the beginning and I mean he lost a lot of ships doing this he learned those crucial technic’s to make a better solo pilot. It’s like playing the violin. You sound like you strangling a cat in the beginning but practice it and eventually you can play a song and even more practice means you can play it to a high level.

So with enough practice you get better at it. Your brain thinks of things faster and you react to things faster. You learn what ships can and can’t do and how to exploit their strengths to become a weakness. This is all done while losing ships.

So Yesterday I said bugger it.

I dropped Test and created my own corp called Living Asylum. I moved into a system in Caldari/Gallente space and I am going solo hunting.

I want to be good. I want to be the best that I can be and I can’t have a Corp with people in it distract me. I am going to lose many ships. I mean many. My BC ranking is going down the toilet but you know what I am going to learn stuff and I am going to be better for it.

If flying solo worked for other top pirates then it has to work for me. If not then well I will waste a billion on ships and modules and my killboard will be shot to high heaven.

Should I care?
Hell no it is Pixels.

Do I care?
Yes and I need to break that and break it fast!