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I undock in my Merlin that I have fitted up and see a couple of people in local. Hit the Dscan and nothing.

Where are they?

I see a couple of FW plexes open and warp to the novice at 100. I warp to the sun at 100 but make a safe point smack bang in the middle of the plex. I can now scan them and see who is in it and what they flying.

I normally go roam about in eve jumping system after system but I find that I have taken a page from TFS Tibbs. Egmar was his go to place. If you wanted to find him then he was there. Ships modules everything in Egmar. I figured I would do something to the same cord.

Murethand was selected because its 1 jump from high sec which makes hauling ships in my hauler much simpler. I am 4 jumps from Tuskers home base which means I can join them on fleets if needed and I am 10+ from the Bastards so I can still join open roams if I want to.

For now this is my home and I am busy settling in slowly.

I figured as I have not flown the Merlin too much I would give it a go. I found a fit I like the look of and figured I would try it out.

It’s very interesting and I have lost 3 of them due to me roaming in other people systems where they see me coming and was prepared. I lost one to a Condor + Griffin combo where I was perm jammed and pointed and could not even target a thing for the fight. This for me is not pvp and I would want a fight at least but then I guess that is their tactic and I guess I have to develop my own.

So I am relaxing in my safe spot and see a condor on scan. Interesting fight ahead I think. It’s MWD with missles and I have fit this Merlin with a MWD and Scram to catch kiter. The condor is a kiter so let’s go!


Ok so it did not end well. Was a good fight seeing as he was ab rocket fit and could dictate the range with a scram on my mwd. I also switched to null too late and I still think he would have won but it would have been nail-biting close if I switched earlier or even started with null loaded.

Today strangely I read a blog post by Ithica Hawk: Hanging around.

It focus on a fleet that go out and try to kill something but then get countered. For the tl:dr peeps it boils down to “If you stick around long enough you will get countered.”

With me reading this I figured that maybe the person is now cocky and will go back with the same ship and try it again. I figure that I have never tried the Catalyst Destroyer in a solo fight and I had one in the system for just such an occasion.

Change the ship name to try to hide it is me as we both gave gf’s in local and I land at my spot again. Scan down and condor back in the small. I figure if I lose this it’s going to be funny for him and I guess funny for me but I wanted to try. Spaxi’sJust fing shoot stuff!” was in my head I went Balls deep as Johnny Twelvebore used to say “Over heat everything and hope for the best”.


Local was a good gf from me and a gf 🙂 from him.

He left system and I went to safe and docked up to rep.

I got into another Merlin determined to get a solo kill in it.

I scan down a crucifier and normally I would say hell no! Its fitted with td and nuets and can be beastly hard to kill but again “it is only pixels” and I went to attack mode.

Warp to the small and he was outside. I engage and he points me with a disruptor. This is good news. I have a MWD and if I want can get out and sure as hell he is in 40% structure and I have to warp out or I am going to die!

Dock repair and go at him again with a different tactic this time and different ammo loaded.

Shit its close but again he is super low hull and so am I and he has drones eating my structure when I get out with 5% left.

Dock up again and I figure that maybe just maybe he will stay and fight the catalyst if I take it to him.


Now I am deep in armour and used some of my reps but as he is about to go down a Moa lands at 30km and I think he figured while I was busy with the crucifier that he would come and get me seeing as I am not aware or so he hopes.

The crucifier pops and I figure its GTFO time and start the overheat MWD to celestial to get out of Moa point range when I noticed that the moa is scratching or missing me.

Orbit 1000km baby!

Switch off MWD and now he only barely hits me. I am going mad at this point as his shield are down and his armour is down and he is in structure and I am going to finally for the love of all pilots get my first destroyer vs cruiser solo kill when he does not die!!!!

What the hell is going on here!


I burned out all my guns… :FACE PALM:

I ungroup them hoping with the sliver of hope I have that maybe just maybe one gun is not totally burned out so that I can pick at his hull but they are all done. Cooked in the oven of retard overheatingness! (I just created that word).

I get out and warp to station and dock. Repair and go back in the hope that maybe he stayed there or something other than being smart and warping away to do the same.

He was smart. Nooooo!!!!!!!!

I figure I would dock up the cata when I spot a venture on short scan and then on very short.

Mmmm I activate the gate to go into the small.

So I am thinking that the only thing on scan is the venture and he would not be stupid enough to come into the only plex with a ship in it when there are 4 other plex?

Pod Express

So I am well ecstatic with the day so far. I lost a merlin but killed many but one thing I have not killed in is the dam Merlin.

Dock up grab the merlin and off we go.

I spot a Tormentor.

Nasty little buggers with lasers drones and sometimes nuets.


Ok. Scan down warp to him and he is at 0. I go in hoping he would come in but nothing.

Ok warp away and warp back and do the same thing and he will not come in. Now this smells fishy.

I don’t care! Warp out and warp back and GO GO GO!

This was super close and I mean super close. I needed some new under garments and it was so exciting to finally get a kill in this bloody Merlin


Now when fights are close you do think it’s him or me and sometimes it you and sometimes it him. When it is him it’s those fights where for a split second they don’t think and you can get caught. It’s not his fault its one of those it’s so close that if you blink it’s over things and boils down to who can start locking or click warp faster that gets away or the kill.

Pod Express

Yesterday was freaking insane and it was great to catch up with Johnny Twelvebore who is now back at Tuskers.

So far I think I have made the right choice in going solo. Time will tell but if it continues like this I think I will be on the correct path to learning and becoming that killer I always wanted to be.