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So far my time solo fighting has been exciting. After I posted my last diary entry I lost many but they were fights where I did not know the outcome to and just wanted to find out.

Could a Catalyst kill a Rifter and an Algos? Apparently It can. It does not however do it when a second Algos lands and does that extra DPS needed to pop you before you could pop the first Algos.

I had a couple of fights like this so I derped a bit but it is what I chose solo for and thus derping is part of the game.

I spotted 2 slicers in my Merlin and wanted to get a second solo kill with it. 2 solo kills for me means that the ship is worthy of building again and testing more.

Watching YouTube Videos of Solo guys like Kil2 and Aldap (One Man Crew) you see that they split up a gang to make sure that you going 1v1 and not 1 v 2.

I tried to do this with the 2 slicers and it worked.

Navy Slicer

Unfortunately the second one was too fast and I could not get away. He had a scram and I was low in the Tanking department. I tried to get number 2 but did not make it happen.

I re-shiped and spotted a Kestrel in a plex and because I had nothing ab fit to counter his scram I needed another solution.

Catalyst is a go! Try and kill him before he kills you.


I went shopping in Jita and got some new toys as my ships where limited to only the Merlin and the Catalyst.

New toys means new fun so I spotted a very new pilot in a plex.

Pod Express

I do feel bad shooting these guys sometimes but I have to remind myself that if I want people to fear Low Sec that we have to keep up the good work of killing new players.

I spotted another Slicer after the Incursus and decided I would test this fit against a range frigate.

Scorch is nasty for range and I don’t like how a pulse laser can shoot that far but that’s another story on its own.

So Rails vs Scorch was a very interesting fight. It was very close with me having to warp out.

Now again because I warped out the person in the Slicer would feel the better man. I switched ships with a MWD Blaster fit and named it the same to confuse.

Slicer was stationary at range and so was I waiting for the first move.

I did not want to give up the game in case he is looking at my guns so activated the overheated MWD and Scram and hit approach.

Navy Slicer

He was not happy.

I spotted local go up by a massive 108. Ok time to dock up or safe up I think. It’s apparently a RVB Fleet and one of the guys was streaming through Twitch. I only know this because of the link they posted in local.

In all this I spotted a name I know well.

Nuke Cave (174th BC Ranking)

He flies with Screaming Hayabusa and I know that they are Solo Specialists.

I did not think trying to fight him would be wise so instead kept my distance. You have got to know which ones to attack and jumping into the fight ring with a guy that has 18000+ kill to his name is well bloody stupid.

I spotted he was in a thorax so no point in frigate vs cruiser anyway. Well Not flown by him that is.

I spot a bunch of frigates and a Moa on scan. I figured he might go for them and maybe I could help him so start a private chat.

Seems like he is keen.

Let’s do this.

Now don’t get me wrong I think he would have gone in solo and killed them all by himself. I was just a little extra dps.

He spotted them at the novice and well you and I now know that no Moa can go into the novice so Nuke was on him quick. I stayed back a bit just for safety sake.

We pirates are nice people but a free kill is a free kill so was not sure if he would turn on me at the end of the fight. You never know. So when I landed he had killed all the frigates and started on the Moa.

I was not sure what his tank was like but figured I would help with the Moa just in case he needed that extra dps.

I targeted him as well just to see his tank level and he was tanking like a champ. I kind of felt guilty engaging the moa afterword’s as I messed up a solo kill for him by shooting at it but judging from him afterwards he was fine.


When I warped to him I also spotted an Exequror in the medium and a Caracal on short.

After the fight I told him about it and he seemed ready to go engage. I warped in to see he was at 0 and informed Nuke of this.

Nuke went in and so did I.

Nuke went to town and when he hit the Exequror’s armour it was clearly bait tanked. I decided that my extra Dps was needed as the Caracal was on very short. Informing Nuke of this I started to shoot the Exequror. No point in me just sitting and waiting.

The caracal decided he did not like frigates so I went down dam fast. My reps can not rep through Rapid Light Missile Launchers DPS and held on as long as I could but lost the ship to see Nuke kill the Exequror.


Now it was a Caracal vs Thorax and because the Caracal is anti-Frigate fit Nuke should have no problem with it and he died soon after.

I spoke to Nuke for some time and he is a very nice guy.

He also gave me some good tips and will try to use them going forward.

Good day of Soloing and I am enjoying myself in my quest to become a better solo pilot.