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This week has been a bit tricky to get online with the little one being sick and teething at the same time. Walking while holding the little man to calm him down and give the wife a break has been my week so far.

So when I finally got time to get behind the cockpit I went out guns blazing!

I had an eventful evening with 2 newer players being in system with me and I decided to introduce them to Eve Low sec the best I could!

Guns heated and taking their loot.

I think they were together and was a bit hesitant to shoot them with them being in Tristan’s and have 10 drones in total but it ended up with me separating them and killing them 1v1 or maybe they just where not together.


One of them put up a fight and the other did not.

After looking at the second loss mail I could see why.

I kind of felt bad but then they are in Low Sec and it should be a scary place to come to.

I stayed with the duel rep Incursus and found 2 slicers in the system later on. I figured that it will be separation tactic again and unfortunately they did not want to separate from each other.

The thought of killing 1 before they kill me went into my head I decided to try it. If I could drop 1 before I die then maybe just maybe I could repp the other ones DPS and get 2 kills. 2 Is silly DPS but I know I can tank 1 with ease.

I died with the first Slicer in low armour and I think if I had pirate implants, boosters or even links I probably could have won that fight.

I can’t see myself spending 3-4 bil on implants and also can’t see me dragging around a Legion for Armour boosting for each solo fight. Maybe home fights to engage things like that where I know with no links I stand no chance but with links I might actually win.

I know what people are saying about links but I am a solo hunter and have to try to get advantage over my opponent. I do however still want to have some honour so will only use it if I go against things where I stand no chance and it will maybe take the fight from a no chance in hell to it is a 50/50 chance.

Incursus vs worm
Incursus vs Daredevil

That sort of thing.

I lost another Incursus against a Tristan but it’s a test fit Incursus so was not sure about it and the guy had 2 friend jump in to help him when he was clearly losing. I cant blame the guy as we did the same thing when I was in the corporations. You roam as a unit you kill as a unit and sometimes it 1v1 and sometimes it 1v6.

I have another experiment going on.

Can Logistics ships PVP solo?

I know it’s a bloody weird question but I figured I am going to find out and record the fights and make a YouTube clip of it so stay tuned for it. Fail or win it will be in the clip so I am starting to record it now.

I know you get the battle Heron that TFSTibbs told me about but can the other ones put up a good fight or even maybe kill something.

To start it off I thought I would try the battle Heron out and strangely I got 2 solo kills in it!


So the Battle Heron is a winner for me. 2 Solo kills is a good start I had some issues in the last fight but I think I can iron out those little things.

It’s either going to go well or going to go badly but it is going to be fun to try the ships out that no one thinks about putting up a fight and finding that holly shit I am losing to a logistics ship!

Roma Leo “Well shit! Did not expect that. Nice fit mate