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BOOM! You in EVE Online and you created a new Character.

You want to do solo like many before you including myself but where the hell do you start?

I started watching others play and I will share some of the people I follow on YouTube and why I follow them. It is a great place to learn how to do solo but most importantly know that behind each win there must have been many losses.

The vids help you out with tactics and also sometimes just gets you into the killing mood. This is also my favourites so yours might be different.



Eve is Easy – New Player Low SP 0.0 Kestrel PvP GuideYOU MUST WATCH THIS!

I subscribe to this one because the person has done the vids in a great way. You see a video with him killing things and then the next video is the same video with commentary about the fight and the thought process during the fight.

So you see a great vid where the guy kills things but then you learn what he did wrong and what his tactics where.

He also teaches tactics. Things like slingshots and splitting people and also fittings that work with some ships.

The tactics are the key part of what I watch. Some are very standard for me now but if you brand new then it’s great to learn early. Definitely worth the sub.



He has a series of vids called Samurai Revenge that is great to just sit back and watch to learn from and get excited about. I think he is currently on number 9 so a good watch.



The channel is owned by a pilot called ALDAP. He co-created a movie called One Man Crew in which people could send in their Solo PVP vids to win prizes. He then made one big vid with all the fights.

The solo pvp Videos he posted are also great to watch as he sometime has commentary on it again so you learn from him what he was doing and what tactics to use.



Clarion Series is one of the best EVE Online series out there at the moment. Know that when they launch each one that a lot of EVE players like to watch them and they even got a mention in the This is EVE Video that CCP launched.

Very good to watch and can’t wait for number 5.



His videos are of high quality editing and some of the fits and fights he has are just crazy!

He does fly very expensive fits so it’s great to see that isk is not wasted on him or that he cares too much about it.


Clahim EVE (My Favourite)

He is super funny in his vids and the way he edits them. He is also new to EVE in a way so its great to see him experiment with fittings that don’t normally work but then gets kills with them. It’s amazing how much his trying new things attitude has rubbed off on me with me trying out some new fits soon.


All these pilots are amazing at what they do and they seem to be having fun in making the vids for us. We should support them and give them likes and subscribes.