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Killboards are there for us to use to see how cool and amazing we are and also for FC’s to get Battle Reports if needed.

It’s a way to show others how your 20 man gang killed 50 people and you only lost a cruiser and a frigate.

For most people Killboards are there just to look at and show off the expensive kill mail and hope that no one notices the expensive loss mail.

But you see for the Solo pilot it’s a bit different.

We are at war with other Solo Pilots to grab the number 1 spot on the Killboards. While most don’t care about it, we do.

A solo kill is worth 20 points to me if its T1 vs T1 Frigates. And 10 Points if I get the Pod Express.

It’s Points on a killboard Eric!

I know but for me seeing my ranking go up is in a way a pat on the back. I am not too bothered with it at the moment as stated before I am just going for fights now and hoping for the best but I know of many pilots very much aiming for that top spot.

Why not! I mean you flying Solo and you should have a goal. Your corp might want to be number 1 or maybe your Alliance wants to be Number 1. Why should you not want to be number 1 as a pilot?

You see its hard work and unless you going out Solo it is going to be very hard work to reach number 1.

If I get 20 points for each solo kill and you’re in a fleet of 5 x T1 Frigates and kill another solo roaming pilot in a T1 Frigate you only get 4 points or there about.

So for each solo kill I get you need to kill at least 5 frigates and not die to just break even with me.

It’s a solo pilots fight and is definitely there and in place for Solo pilots to push themselves.

Top spot is a Shadow Cartel person at the moment and they do a lot of Solo stuff. The corporation is The Tuskers and I know most of them are Solo pilots that on occasion fly in fleets.

So if you want to climb the rankings board and break into the top 10K like I was trying to do then you going to have to leave fleets and go Solo.

If your corp want to climb the rankings then well everyone in the corp should at least be trying to kill things solo but like the Tuskers every now and again for fleets to just have fun.

To most pilots this post will sound silly in a way because you don’t really care about it and you maybe just having fun but I know someone might be looking at his ranking and thinking how the hell do I improve it.

I hope this helps those and I hope for the ones not caring that you learned something new.

If not I am sorry.