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I have heard many tales of the mighty Rifter back when EVE was new and that there was only 1 frigate to fly.

The Rifter was king and all Pirates wanting to do Solo Frigate PVP was flying the Rifter.

It was a Beast.

So after all the changes came in I joined the game and as I stated before that the game play of frigate PVP has been changed and changed for the better. I don’t know who it was that made the suggestion in the development meeting to do frigate re-balance but I can salute you and just say well done.

It has really worked wonders and this is purely because it allows people to fly the ship they want to and how they choose to.

There are still a couple of ships that unless fit in a specific way will not be effective. Like the Incursus that has a flaw. Most fit it duel Rep and this means you have to give up a mid-slot for a Cap Booster.

You only have 3 mid slots so it means you have 2 left and AB or MWD takes up the one slot so its ether you choosing a Scram or a long point.

Easy counter is a ship with a web and AB fit. Does not matter what ship you choose if you have a Web and an AB you can kill an Incursus. It is that simple a ship to counter. Get out of his gun range and get there faster than he can gun you down and you golden.

So with this in mind I wanted to look to see if there is actually a frigate that takes the number 1 slot over from the mighty Rifter King of Frigates.

Who is the new Frigate king?

Remember that the Rifter is a T1 Frigate so no Navy or Pirate frigates are to be allowed in for this mantle of glory.

I have flown most frigates on the test server to test them out and I have found 1 that well it just pokes its head out above the rest if flown well.

I know you think that maybe it’s will shift away from Minmitar… but you will be wrong.

The Minmitar Breacher is the new King of T1 Frigates and please this is only my opinion.

If you fit this little sucker in a specific way and go out with good skills and try to get solo fights you are most likely going to come home with kills.

[Breacher, KING Frigate]
Ballistic Control System II
200mm Reinforced Steel Plates II
Small Ancillary Armor Repairer

Warp Scrambler II
Stasis Webifier II
1MN Afterburner II
Stasis Webifier II

Rocket Launcher II
Rocket Launcher II
Rocket Launcher II

Small Bay Loading Accelerator I
Small Hydraulic Bay Thrusters I
Small Warhead Flare Catalyst I

Hobgoblin II
Hobgoblin II

The fact that you can fit rockets to hit at 10km away from target means you have range over most brawlers. They can’t hit you and you can just kill them slowly. They also dont miss. So if your new to solo pvp it is great.

4x Mid slots means you can ab T2, Scram and duel web fit this little thing to make sure your enemy goes nowhere! I have you pinned down and I dictate range not you. So they sitting still while the rockets eat them up.

3x Low slots means you can fit a BC, 200mm plate and ancillary Repairer on just in case.

That’s a lot of tank for a little frigate and because your aim is to get to 9-10km away from your target means you have plenty of tank to do so. The Duel web means you are going to dictate range and so the tank is just well a bit of a buffer for those hard-hitting Neutron Blasters.

The ship has 2 drones. So more DPS for you.

This little sucker is beastly!

I have tried it on the test server and if all goes wrong you overheat the Web and AB and burn out and warp away.

It really means you are in full control of the fight.

I don’t know of any other frigate at the moment or I have not seen any other T1 frigate that can control range, hit like it does and tank like it does.

For me the Breacher is the new King of T1 Frigate PVP.

If you think you have a better T1 Frigate let me know but please remember I am talking Solo here.