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Ok I set out to just go for fights and I have done just that.

I have lost many ships and some of the fights where nail-biting close. I even tried to go into Null Sec with an Incursus and met a sabre 3 jumps in. We had a good fight with him deep shields and me trying my best to hold out. He was 2 x Medium Shield Extender fit and If only I could rep a little longer but that’s just life.

I have been trying to record film for the video I want to make about logistics and explorer frigates and in the process of this filmed some great fights in the Incursus as well. So hopefully I can get the video out at some point but might release the soloist 2 with the fights I get that are not Explorer ships.

I have not had a Destroyer solo kill with the Incursus and when I spotted one with a kind of new player behind it I figured it is time to get one.

Pod Express

After the Cata kill I chatted to the pilot for ages giving him hints and tips and just general help. The systems where a bit quiet and had to dock up for the night after that.

The next day I jumped into Loes and found someone chatting in local. He must have just killed someone because he was bragging in local about how amazing his fit was.

I spotted a Tristan on Dscan and checked the loss mails… MWD Tristan “Yum Yum”. The fit I was in is a slicer hunter so a Tristan should be peanuts. Ok he has drones but if I can get him tackled I should be able to take him down before he can me.


He was not very happy

Again the systems where quiet and RL stuff just took over a bit so I had to dock up a couple of jumps from home.

Yesterday was the day of the Heron. I would fly no other ship until I lost 2 of them. I don’t want people to see my ship type on scan and check local people’s killboards to know it is me and also what I am bringing. I try to limit my ship losses with 2 for the same ship fit on the day. Got to mix it up a bit.

So the Heron of Doom today and get some kills! On my way home to get the heron I met an Incursus at a novice and we went at it. He was rail fit with ab, scram and web and I was going to die with only my drone doing damage. Come on Hobgoblin T2 you can do it!

We were on the beacon at 0 so when I noticed a navy comet on short I thought he was with the Incursus. Turns out he was not so the Incursus must have thought he was with me and dropped point as soon as he came on overview with me at 20% structure left and burned out repairer, I did what any pilot would do and clicked the WARP NOW! Button. I say click it was more like smashing the key on the keyboard. I got out and landed at the sun. (I know I know but it was one of those Warp! Warp! Warp! things and did not think of celestials.) He landed next to me and we both realised that the navy is a third-party and I luckily warped out again as I see the Navy land at 0. And he did not warp out.


It was a one-sided fight though and he would have had me for sure.

I got home safely and decided to try a different route today. I also jumped on to the Bastards comms to find Mr Spaxi wanting to know why I have not been in Dbastards. I stated that I am going true solo so staying in there will mean for me that is that I am still kind of attached to them in a way. I will still go fly with them when I feel like it and I have the utmost respect for all of the guys I flew with in my time there but I do feel this solo thing is working. I am learning so much from just doing solo that I find me now thinking about joining a corp a bit well silly in a way.

I am a solo pirate and I like the freedom it gives me. I do however miss Fcing. It’s one of the things I do miss. I love being a FC. It’s fun and exciting and you get to have fun with friends. I might have to go on to the comms and take over one day to get my fix. That is if they will allow me to.

I decided that I would go join up with them if they taking out a fleet but did not inform them of this so decided that I would fly that direction anyway.

I spotted a Magnate and then a cyno. Excellent! Warp to the cyno!


I spotted a Hookbil and I have not engaged it with the heron so why not.

I died.

Well it was actually a great fight but I learned a very valuable lesson. Something I should have learned with the Incursus vs Incursus fight I had earlier and that is to always have null in your cargo hanger.

It was only my drones doing damage with him being the standard duel web fit. I could only rep and wait and tanked as long as I could. I think with guns having null I should have been able to apply more dps and who knows. Maybe next time.

Got my second heron out and by this time the guys in the Bastards where all login off. I figured I had a good fight in Loes so why not go back up there.

Tristan on scan with no name change and it’s a brand new player with some losses on the killboard and all are Tristan’s with no fittings!

Well I will take me a Tristan with no fittings kill.


Now I was wondering if this was not the same Tristan as before with no fittings that I killed before and it was.

What is this person doing? Maybe I should convo him and ask if they need some help. (Will have to do this)

As the Tristan dies I spot a Corax and a Thrasher on short.

It’s a small and both can come in so I figure I would warp out but something in me deep down says no!

Align to the info structure hub AB on and see who it is and what they could be fitting. I think it is because of the Corax. I can never remember the destroyer’s fittings and weapons so have to check it before I make a decision. Local drops to 3 people including myself so it is just the three of us then.

I am about 25 km away from beacon when Corax lands and then Thrasher. 1 is a new pilot in local and the other a bit older. Maybe a 2 man roam training type of thing. I hope it’s a 3 way fight so I can whore on a kill. I mean why not.

No same corp. Ok so kept burning away and see if they MWD fit. Nope AB. Ok

Corax = new pilot
Thrasher = old

Both burning after me and the Corax is fast than the Thrasher by about 400ms. I’m guessing the thrasher is plated and the Corax must be shield. (I don’t know how to fit a Corax sorry)

So if I can get the Corax about 40km away from the Thrasher it means I can engage and hopefully maybe just maybe kill it. That is if the pilot’s missile skills are poor which it should be. His tank skills should be poor so hopefully I can do this.

Now this all boils down to how long he will follow me towards the celestial. New pilots are well new and eager to kill and the other pilot is also newish but maybe knows a thing or two.

Turns out they are eager. We get about 120km away from the beacon with the Corax 30km away from me. I am faster than him but turn back towards him every now and again to keep him interested. 40km away from Thrasher and its GO GO GO GO!

Got to try this and kill him before the Thrasher catches up. I target him and unleash the drones from Hell. They start chewing through his shields. I figure he might warp out and hit approach to get point. O damit he is armour tanked. Ok adjust tactic. Keep range for my optimal. Overheat everything! It was actually close fight. Even with very little skills the Corax with 8 Rockets! Had me into structure a couple of times and me just hoping I can get him before he gets me.


I pull my drones as the Thrasher is starting to hit me and warp out before I get into short point range.

Gfs given in local. I record most fights and I am super excited to put this fight on the video. It’s a clear sign that the heron can PVP but O no! I forgot to record it!

I had to shoot home after that. Just due to some RL stuff again.

But for me that Corax kill was the fight of the week and the month. I felt like one of those guys you see on YouTube. David taking on Goliath. Splitting targets and had I time I could have docked and hopefully tried the thrasher. I would have died but I wanted to try. It’s this wanting to try things that’s really excited me. I want to lose ships but only if it means I get to learn something new. No point in handing killmails to people.

An explorer frigate killing a destroyer!

What a good week.