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So this weekend was just nuts!

I decided to try to take out the Catalyst as a solo destroyer and see what I can murder or if it is going to be a massive fail.

I undocked and noticed 2 x firetails in a small… let’s do this!

Warp in and they still on very short. They fit normally for range so artillery will be the thing to work against. I land and hit approach with mwd on and start taking chunks out of the first one and he goes down. I’m low armour and still have some repp cycles to go so why not. 2 for 1 special in small plex today.

Approach the other one and same thing again.


I dock up repair and drop off loot.

Undock after some time and warp to small again to see if anything new came in. I land and notice a catalyst in the small. This could be interesting.

Land and he is at 0 so it is going to be an all out brawl to the death thing. He melted like butter.


It was a good night and hopefully the next day will be just as good.

I undock and see a small plex open. Warp to small!

The small is like the honey pot at the moment and again there is a Breacher in it.

This one is going to be tricky but I have killed one of the top 5 guys in a duel web Breacher if it is the same fit and it all starts with a simple change of ammo. Load null and hit approach. Even with duel web null can out range him so if he is trying to be smart then you just played your hand and he just shat himself.


It’s going to well with the ship so I should maybe get some Heron videos. I undock in the heron of doom and notice an Ibis outside station. Could it be a cyno ibis?

Cyno goes up. YAY! Ark jumps through and I pop the cyno ship for him.


Now local goes up by about 5 and I figure the heron is not going to take on 5 people. I dock up and get the Catalyst again.

Warp to my safe to see a Retribution, Slicer, Executioner and a Merlin. They are all in the small again. I love this small.

Can a Destroyer take on 4 Frigs and live?

Well No but it can kill the most expensive one.


I get my pod out and they leave the system.

Get another Catalyst as more people jump in.

2x Comet and 3 Tristan are on scan at the small again!

Ok this time I can’t go in. Comets have drones and Tristan’s have 5 drones each. That is just mental DPS when I land. I have to split them.

I land outside at range and see 1 Tristan and 2 navy comets outside and I guess the rest inside as they on very short scan. Will they follow me?

I warp to the sun at range thinking they might just warp to 0 and maybe some of them will warp at different ranges. Hopefully I can pick them off as they come near me.

I land and 4 of them land next to me. O Shit! Overheat everything and go for expensive first. Navy comet let’s go!

Navy Comet

I pop as the drones from the 3 Tristan’s where just insane.

Ok I will take out 1 more catalyst because well I am having so much fun but then that’s it.

Instead of staying in system I am going roaming. I make Loes and spot a Tristan. I wonder if it is the same Tristan as the guy who was bragging about his amazing fit earlier in the week. We know what happened to him so could it happen again?


System goes dead and it’s time to go on with roam.

I make it as far as Aubenall when I spot an Atron that has a cloak and 2 stabs.


Rixx I want my hat for this by the way.. Make it happen.

I then keep going north on my map. I have not been in this area before so it’s kind of no man’s land for me.

I spot Hawk and with the Hawk because of the resist bonus against my guns it’s going to be really hard to kill but I will give it a go.

I start the fight and local goes up. Agh damit. He was a trap. Hyena on short and here come the world.

Hyena lands and I switch over to it. It’s soft and should die and I get it into deep armour but he is fast and gets out of gun range. Switch back to Hawk but it’s too late. I die!


Apparently they where third-party so not such a bad loss.

It’s a good time to dock up for the night again.

Yesterday was a little crazy.

I felt like taking out the Incursus and see what I can find. Local was not too busy but I found a Kestrel and went for it.


I decided seeing as local was quite I would roam up the pipe again. It seems to have worked for me the other two days so why not today. I made it to Oueletta and kind of got stuck. People where just bringing me fights and because I killed the Corax I have not been so scared to engage bigger ships as I used to be.

I warp to a belt and see a Burst there ratting. I do feel sorry for these new players. I really do.

Pod Express

I scoop my loot when a Catalyst lands next to me. I am going to die and the Burst was the bait. Well If I die then I am putting up a fight.

Pod Express
As the Catalyst goes down two Corax land at range and start shooting at me. I was going to die to the Catalyst so why not try to get a Corax.


Now by this time im thinking WTF!

I just killed a Catalyst which is a destroyer of frigates and then a Corax. The other Corax warped off I guess not with the first one.

I spot him in the small.

I killed one so maybe 2 in 1 night?

Pod Express

System goes empty.

Well I have killed everything in the dam system.

I felt like England hitting new lands with their ships and sticking the flag on the beach.

I now declare this system Eric Shang’s. All leave or Die!

Well I have not lost my frigate. This is weird. I normally loose like 3-4 a night but I have gone out of my way to take on things that should have killed me and I won?

Loes is next on the jump list and I spot an Algos.

I mean ok this has got to be the thing that kills me, I mean it has drones and guns and well it should be badass and I should not survive.

I warp to 0 on the activation and he is at range. I activate and now I know he is rail fit. I go into the plex and start burning away.

I don’t run!


I just killed 3 destroyers. 1 more, come on let’s make it an even number.

I get to 30km and he comes in. I hit orbit to keep me at 30km. He can’t shoot me and I am waiting for his drones. I want him to put them on me and kill them first. We go at this, him attacking me with drones and me killing 1 and then he pulls them back.

I spot a Condor on short and in comes the condor. Condor flies right by Algos so clearly with him and I decide to burn for a celestial.

Come on Mr Condor… You want me to pull you away from friend in the Algos. Like sheep he follows me away from Algos.


Now something I had not noticed was that the Algos was 10mn AB fit so the sucker is fast and just as I kill the condor he gets scram on me.

We go at it and I make a very silly mistake but he finally kills the frigate.


Clearly Nuke Cave must have come in after me and killed him. Nice one mate.

I think I can say this week has been mental.

I never wanted to improve my ranking too much I guess I was thinking it would go the other way but I am getting closer to top 10K. The weirdest thing is my Corp I started is top 10K before Eric is.

Next week is going to be bad it has to be after this week.

I never get weeks like this and it is insane to think I just took on destroyers with a frigate. Something I feared. I think had I not gone true solo I would never have engaged that ever!

Ok the fits where not true PVP fits but I never knew that. I just went for it.

Solo is working peeps. Solo is working.