I have been very busy this Christmas and New Year with the little one growing fast. I have been a little too busy and forgot to re-subscribe my accounts but at the same time have not really missed EVE Online at all during this time.

I am now not in a position to actually pay for anything more than I can so EVE unfortunately has got to go and because I don’t know of any other way to sub my account other than paying for it I am not going to play. I could use the ISk I have in my wallet but that would run out fast and would just mean that when I can sub it that I will hate myself for wasting the ISk of subscription.

So for me it is fair well and a good luck.

I have flown with some amazing people and met some amazing people in RL at #EVE_NT. If you planning on going to it this year then I promise that you will have fun. Nashh is an amazing person in RL and does the event because he wants to do it for the community. You will have a blast.

If you want to follow my footsteps as they say then join Meatshield to become a Bastard or join The Tuskers.

Both Corporations I hold with the highest of regard and would be proud to fly under their banner anytime.

I have thought of doing some stuff in EVE still on maybe a trial account and writing up about it but we will have to see.

I hope you enjoyed the Eric Shang Diaries and I hope the guides that I created helped at least 1 person in-game.

So from me to you.
Thanks, it has been amazing.

Eric Shang

Can someone please update the forum topic here with the post and a link to it for me? I cant do it because of the account not being active.