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So I pulled my last post as it was just a shit storm of spew and drama lama crap that I guess in eyes I started by posting it in here.

Not my intention to start any Drama lama as it was to be just a normal post with a “I am back, I joined the bastards again, Found it strange and different with some explanations as to why I thought it felt different and then that I was going to stick to solo.”

In all honesty that was my thinking process while writing that post and it’s the same for every post. Some took it as a personal attack and others felt they were tarred with the same brush as they say and was not happy.

So to keep things civil I deleted the post and thought I would just say sorry if I made people feel like I was attacking them personally or the corp. Not my intention at all. In a way I came off worse because all the friends I had in the corp is no more friends.

I will never be able to go back to the bastards because of this so to them I say “It was fun and thank you for making the game great and exciting up to this point for me.”

So drama is over let’s move on…

I spotted 1x Atron in a large warped to it and in warp hit dscan and spotted 3x Atron now and was thinking I am going to die here and when I hit dscan again there where 5x Atrons and a Incursus!

Shit got real, really fast.

I am going to die so let’s take out 1 Atron. Landed and hit it like a freight train. Strange thing was that the rest all warped out and in different directions. What the hell just happened?

Spotted them in a small. I wonder if they will run again.

They do but I get another Atron.

I am 1 ship but maybe it’s that flashy red on their overview that scares them. If all of them shot at me I would have died quick.

Strange feeling when that happens because you feel like why did they not attack me and kill me and at the same time you feel like YAH! Run you little peeps I am the bad pirate people warned you about.

Anybody have any this happen to them before? It’s actually felt great because I always wanted to be the pirate that when people jump into system with me or I jump into system with them that they are on edge.

I know there are a couple of pilots like that for me. I just will not engage them because of this reason.

Killer Piwat I am