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So for me true solo is no other person but yourself. I don’t use links or scouts. I fly the ship gate to gate and you sometimes make it back in that ship and you sometimes well make it back into station with no ship or pod. I got Santo’d again 😛

It’s really a chance based thing and is exciting in its own way. Sure if you had a scout you would not get gate camped or might see a massive fleet before engaging their bait ship but if I did this then I would become that risk averse person again that I was before going solo.

I engaged a Merlin thinking he was solo and local went up like a rocket. I killed the Merlin and as I was about to warp when an Atron got point on me. I burned out and more landed. I killed the Atron but as he died I got pointed again and perm jammed by their 2 x griffins. I lost my frigate but I got 2 solo kills and they only got my frigate. The FC was well impressed with this. He was taking out a fleet to teach them pvp so it was in a way nice to show them what a solo pilot can do with some skill. I mean I am not perfect as I noticed on my video recording of the fight (I record every fight now). I could have warped out at a point where no point was on me for 5 seconds and maybe if I was more aware I could have done this but you notice these things only afterwards.

What has this got to do with true solo you ask? Well if I had a scout in systems I would have known that the Merlin is bait or there is a massive fleet waiting. I would not have engaged the Merlin and not gotten 2 solo Kills. I know I would have saved my ship but to be honest its pixels. I can replace it. I can’t replace the fun and excitement I had in that fight. I can buy and fit more frigates.

Going truly solo is in a way exciting to me. It me versus everyone and no one to blame for mistakes. Catalyst vs Retribution and I lost my Cata. I did not have the correct ammo in to start with as I know he was going to pull range but loaded void. Void is close range high DPS and I thought I could kill him before he got out of void range. He was a screaming hayabusa guy so its good solo pilot versus good solo pilot. I should have started with null and I would have won the fight. Its tiny things like this that you learn from mistakes and sometimes you just have bad days and sometimes you have great days.

Being true solo is hard though and is not for everyone. Piracy is hard because if you think eve has a steep learning curve then going low sec and pirate you find you learn most things from dying. Solo is worse because you going to die a lot and where you have fleet mates there to save you when you have a bad fight or maybe a bad day, you don’t have that now and feel every wrong thing you did in the fight by the loss of your ship. I don’t just mean 5 or 10 times but 30, 150 or 600 times and still be learning how to solo. The fact is that no fight will ever be the same. I think its one of the things that makes eve online so amazing. Same ships with the same pilots and you go at it 5 times. Each fight will be unique as you try to outsmart each other knowing what the other person might do and trying to play chess with them and be the person that can think 1 step ahead of the person. I love it. It’s super exciting.

It is hard socially because you don’t chat to people in corp because there is only you. Screaming Hayabusa have this in a way because they are pure solo but in a corp setting and they probably chat to each other in their channel. There is a couple of things you can to be social though. Join the corporations you enjoy chatting to or look up to their solo pilots public channels or I have found that some nights I jump into a channel created a long time ago for solo pilots. Well to be honest some of the kills posted in there is not solo so to say but it’s a fantastic place to ask questions.

How do you kill a daredevil? What to use to counter a navy comet. If you have any questions about anything solo then this channel is amazing. It’s also great to see that even if you ranked in the top 100 on BC that sometimes even the pros have bad weeks and will be on their linking loss mails and everyone will try to help you improve your mood to give it another go or maybe help out with things. Solo community helping other solo pilots. Its amazing

Murethand has become super exciting with a new pirate corp moving in and calling it home or have they always based themselves here and was just on holiday? They doing gate camps and station camps almost all day. I have fallen victim to their station camp before but I did try to tackle their tornado that was 45km off station. I landed and went poof. It was fun to try to see if I could get point on him and had I gotten point I probably would not have been able to kill him as there were people outside the station with him but at 0. It was still fun to see if I could.

So can you go truly solo… Yes. It’s hard but if you are one of the people who can think up new ideas of things to try in a corporation to make the game fun for others then you can make it solo by yourself. If you follow the masses and only undock in fleet and never try anything new. I would say to you that you should stick to what you good at. Stick in fleet and enjoy your time in there.

Solo is not for everyone.

It is for me though. I love it.