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Ok here is a rant coming so if you don’t like rants then please don’t read.

WTF have you done to the site?

I use BattleClinic a lot because I like the features it gives you.

I like how when you go onto the killboard under your name it shows the kills and then the points per kill. I like this because you can track if your point are improving or not. For someone trying to be number 1 its pointless in having me to click into each kill like ZKillboards.

I like the fact that you have a graph on your Corp, Alliance and Pilot for top 10k and if you in the top 10k that you can monitor your climb by a nice red line moving on up in the north direction. I like the red line.

I like that BattleClinic was not Zkillboard.

Why have you become more like Zkillboard? Why have you removed the points per kill in the front page? Why have you removed the top 10k Graph just as I hit 11500 rank?

BC has gone from a really solid standalone killboard and layout tool with forums and everything to something I don’t know WTF it is now. Its almost like they had a look at Zkillboard and made a bad version of it.

It is almost like they don’t understand how people actually use their site. Did they think about this in the new design? I mean did it need to be totally redesigned or just made to look like a new BC. Was there really anything wrong with the old site?

Sure change the interface of the things but dont change the site…

I love how it took me 3 min to find killboard search and that when I type a name that the text is all capitals!!!! Not all names in eve are the same and the names are not all capitals….

Ship Layout changes!!!
Why have you removed the layout filters?

Senario for you:
I am super new and I need a mission running ship for Caldari.

Let me go tick Missions – wait hold on no tick for missions.
Let me go tick Caldari – o WAIT hold on no tick for Caldari.

So if I was spanking new to eve and hit your site with no knowledge of Caldari ships guess what… I am not going to know what to search for… Do I know that the cruiser to use is a Caracal? No so how do I search for mission ships.

I typed in Missions.

Boom 88 pages and counting of ships tagged with missions and I still can’t choose by race…

I give up.

Zkillboard here I come.

Dont think im trying to up talk Zkillboards. I stuck to BattleClinic for the past Year and more because Zkillboard is just not my cup of tea. It works fine but again I just founf that BattleClinic’s features where more to my liking.

I hate Zkillboard because they don’t count myself and a rat doing dmg as a solo kill in a FW plex.

Rat does 5 DPS damage and I do 2500 dps but to Zkillboard this is a 2 way fight. I hate this about Zkillboard with a passion. Just because the rat shot at a ship does not mean it is a pilot on the killmail!

I am a designer. It is my job day in and day out and what you never ever do to anything that many people use is change the fundamentals. I mean the things that people come to your site to use. You make them look nice and more up to date but you don’t ever change how they work or how they being used by your users.

It’s like you going to buy your new apple iPhone.

Interface has now changed. Not just a little but completely changed.

Can you still click on the icon to open the app? No sorry we found sliding to be more fun…

Can I add widgets to my screen so I can get updates quickly like the old versions? Well no, we felt people don’t really use widgets so the phone as you get it is well as you get it.

Ughh ok.

But it’s still an iPhone look it has the apple logo and everything.

I know they got a UI person in to do the new designs but having a UI (User Interface designer) is pointless without a UX (User Experience) person to say no we can’t change that because people use this and it will not make people happy.

Ok it is in Beta version so hopefully things change. I do bloody hope so.