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I have been monitoring the pirate corp that has been moving in slowly back into Murethand. I think this was their home before and they back now with a vengeance. Station camp all the time or gate camp all the time. I have been good so far as their activities have not really affected me too much. I lost my one ship trying to catch the tornado but that was my fault and I lost another frigate to them at a gate camp. I was close to jumping but just did not make it.

Yesterday was just well not great for me. I undocked in my Atron ready for action. Went one jump and spotted a cormorant and a Merlin in a small. I am ether getting better at this solo thing, ballsier or just well stupid. I figured Lets do this thing.

I did not expect to kill the cormorant as the pilots last fitted one had stabs. I figured I would die or he would warp out but why not try.

He stayed and well I got him.


I also got the pod so pod express for you good sir.

Pod Express

The Merlin warped out as soon as his friend popped

Breacher lands as the pod went and I decided why not. 2 for 1 special here today.


I scoop my loot and it’s looking freaking good today for me. Destroyer and a frigate plus a pod in my 10 minutes in the cockpit… This is going to be good.

Warp home and as I dock I notice the pirates are at it on the station again.

I have instant undock setup and instant docks setup but this station is a kick out station so you have to be very careful.

I land at my instant dock and land at 0. Dock and drop off loot.

Undock and hit instant undock. What the hell? I bump on a gnosis he gets point and I spam dock like a mad man. I make it.

That’s never happened. Maybe a glitch? I repair and figure let me try again. I mean I have never had any problems before. I know as soon as you warp you should be invincible or so I thought?

Undock and hit the instant undock quicker than before thinking maybe I left it to long last time. Bump again… Point my ship and I am hitting dock again like a crazy person. I mean I made it last time no problem. Boom! Ship gone. Pod gone. Well great.

So there goes my ship and now because I fly with 2 Geno implants that give you some extra power grid and cpu I now can’t fly my ships in station…

Ok I have some Incursus for this occasion and seeing as I am in a clean pod why not go solo roaming in null. I have done this before and met a Sabre early in my null system expedition and died bravely. I thought let’s see how far I can get this time.

I mean I have a clean pod so no worry in losing it and I mean I am going out to lose it really with me being solo and in null.

My mission is to kill interceptors before the fleet can get onto me.

I check my map for best entry point and found what I think could be a great place.

Empty. Excellent.

Start my way up the pipe and set my destination for a system where there are 51 in local so I must get a fight here right.

They have a scout out to spot people coming up the pipe.

Shuttle (Scout)
Pod Express

So the game is up. They know I am coming and what I have. A killer Incursus.

I made it to them with no hassle and toyed with them. I totally forgot that when they are more than 153 km away from each other and in fleet that they can warp to each other… So I did a bit of a face palm moments when I finally tackled the Crow thinking lol easy kill. The fleet landed and mid warp realized what is about to happen and the error in my thinking.

I got my pod out but then noticed 23 jumps to home was well stupid so warped to their station and announced I need the Express please.

Their service was great.

My pod

Warp back home and warp to my instant dock. Land at 1500 from the station!!!!!

Every time I warped there it lands 0 but today it landed at 1500!

Pod Express

So what started as an amazing 10 minutes turned into a bit of a bad night. I mean the null thing was fun and need to do more of that but I will have to find a new home system Murethand is getting silly now with them camping the station as they doing and if they not on the station they camp the high sec entry point.

I think I found another home not too far away but will have to scout it out first. O god and move all my fitted ships. This is going to be fun.

Sometimes having a corporation is nice. Like moving things.

I will be fine.