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I ranted about the BatlleClinic changes and BC actually replied to my post which is freaky and in the same time dam cool and it looks like they actually care what people think.

Something that was pointed out to me when they replied is that well BC is run by 2 people on a part-time bases. This is insane if you think how much people use it.

I design for a living and websites is my specialty. I like responsive because why would you not if more than 50% of your website these days gets viewed by mobile or tablet devices.

I thought that I would have a crack at redesigning BattleClinic if I could. In no way have they asked me to do this and I need to point this out. I simply had time on my hands and figured why not.

I use them and want them to do well. I love Eve Online. I love Web Design. Why not combine the 3 and make something cool for BattleClinic.

Now I would love to say that I have done every page but I am only 1 man or am I šŸ˜›

So my small brief to myself was the following:

  • Need to focus on Killboard, Layouts, Forum, Evemon and off course buying Plex. Itā€™s how they make money to pay for servers and thus we keep using it because it actually exists.
  • Needs to be within the brand that BattleClinic has created.
  • Needs to focus on EVE Online
  • Needs to be Responsive
  • Needs to be flexible with colours. (I was thinking EVE Game Theme colours in the future.)
  • Needs to be flexible so you can use the same design for BattleClinic Deep Space Supply

Ok so I created a quick layout wireframe. I started looking for elements of EVE that I could use and I wanted to use something that could be made responsive if possible.

Bootstrap from Twitter is amazing for a quick start and I figure I would go down that route seeing as they have Icons and all the responsive web stuff built-in. It is all built on grids that move and I am not going to bore you but itā€™s cool.

I would have loved to get the EVE UI Icons to use but I canā€™t find them anywhere, so I would keep it Bootstrap default.

I tried to keep what they had as much as I could. I unfortunately could not finish it completely. It is missing some social media stuff in the top banner and the search bar. It needs a footer and also the Pilot, corp and Alliance Images need to be bigger.

Here you go.

Big Version (Better Version)| Medium Version

Let me know below in the comments what you think.

Please note that like I stated, they did not ask me to do this and this is not 100% completed. I simply ran out of time today.