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Ok so I have been flying about for the last week moving my stuff and it was a pain in the back side. but it is finally done.

SO with this moving about I noticed this link in local.

Clicked it and was instantly wanting to take part in the fun. I thought I would share with you what is happening on Friday. It is for everyone to come and just shoot everyone. Come down and give solo pvp a go. Ships are handed out. I mean free ships and free kills. Hell I am in.

Here are the details from the forum post by Veetor Nara:

We will be handing out 4500 frigates free for all, just to see them blow up in fiery explosions.

  •  Location: Ouelletta V – Moon 5 – Federal Navy Academy
  • Date/Time: 2015 February 13, 20:00 Eve time
  • Event Channel: The Great Thunderdome
  • Comms: TBA in event channel
  • Stream: TBA


  • Please try to avoid podding
  • Don’t use ECM
  • No station or gate games please
  • NYSI policy: Not yourself, shoot it. No blues, no purples, everyone is a valid target.
  • Only frigate hulls please.

Prizes (For people following guidelines):

  • This depends on zKillboard’s solar system page and will be announced after it finishes updating. Rewards will be contracted in Jita 4-4.
  • Top 1-3: Random pirate battleship
  • Top 4-6: Random pirate cruiser
  • Top 7-10: Random pirate frigate

When we are running low on ships, a special event will take place with one more prize.

Thank you Ela van Black for the donations and for planning the logistics!

Q: Just to confirm – all ships provided, bring a blank pod?

A: Yes, all ships provided, blank pod preferred as these events usually attract smarty campers

Another prize: The creator of the best video made of this event (send youtube links to Veetor Nara please ingame) will also receive a PLEX.

Peon King offered some prizes as well:

  • 2x Firetails for most losses
  • 2x Slicers for most kills with noobships
  • 2x Hookbills for the newest player to get a skill
  • 2x Comets for the best profile picture

In the event of a tie, the pilot wit the better hair gets the prize. If they are all bald, I get it 😉

RvB Ganked was kind enough to support us with 1 billion of ISK so we can introduce some more prizes:

  • Most top damages on killmails: 4x confessors
  • 2nd most top damages on killmails: 3x confessors
  • 3rd most top damages on killmails: 2x confessors
  • 4th most top damages on killmails: 1x confessor
  • most lossmails: 100 shuttles from each empire
  • 2nd most losses: 80 random destroyers
  • 3rd most losses: 60 random destroyers
  • 4th most losses: 40 random destroyers
  • 5th most losses: 20 random destroyers

This looks like fun and lets support them with this. I know some great solo guys that are going.

Original Link here: