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So I started these diaries just simply because I had never done anything like this. I always wanted to write a blog and I am sure that the Grammar Nazis (Looking at Johnny Twelevebore) must have been pulling their hair out when they first read it but I guess it’s my style and spelling mistakes and grammar mistakes aside I have tried to keep it simple and more for myself than for others.

I still read my blog every now and again from start to finish. It’s so weird to see just how little I knew about this game and the journey that I have taken and the people who have helped me become what I am now in-game.

I have been a bit ill this week with a massive infection and it has meant that I have not really been wanting to stare at a computer monitor for too long. I have had super bad headaches as it was in my sinuses and it has really hit my eyes as well with swelling so not the best week. I was station bound as they say.

I am going to try my best to be on Today with the thunder dome but might be on a bit late and hopefully kill some of you.

It’s weird to think I have written 103 posts. I did not think anybody would read it to be honest and its strange to now fly in systems and people giving you the 0/. People saying I have read your blog and liked it is weird but at the same time great to know. I even got told that my blog has helped a fellow pilot explain to his wife what Eve online piracy is and also helped him explain why he likes the game. It was apparently something he has been struggling with for some time. I can only but laugh at that.

I can only imagine a guy trying to explain Eve online to his wife over time and then finally telling her to sit in front of a screen and read my blog. It is again weird but I made him happy so as long as he is happy it is all good.

I thought I would share some stats if you wanted to know this stuff. I like stats so maybe you do as well.

Total Views: 28,558
Comments: 258
Most Views in 1 Day: 443

Something that really interests me is that fact as to how many people from different countries have seen it. I have some countries on my stats that I have not really heard much about but it’s amazing to see just how wide-spread the EVE Universe of players are. I can tell you now that they not joking when they say that almost every country has an EVE online player base. Here are the top 5.

USA – 9957
UK – 6330
Germany – 1466
Australia – 1350
Canada – 1275

Most popular posts are interesting.

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In the last Year and a bit I have had the most fun in any game I have ever played. The massive learning curve in the beginning was fun and exciting and I can thank the guys at the Bastards and Meatshield enough for taking me in and teaching me the ropes. As with everything though sometimes you teach the bird how to fly and then they fly out the nest. Its something that was hard for me but I felt it was needed. I did not feel like I was learning anything new anymore and needed to go find new mentors and try new things. Test was a holiday away from Low sec. I wanted to try null because It has been the focus of most of CCp’s advertising. Massive battles and just fun to be had.

I think if you are new to the game and that is all you know then it will be a blast for a little bit and you will then get bored. Tidi and ETA’s for some people in school or in University that have nothing else to worry about is ideal for this type of play style. I do find that as a Father now and well not a young student anymore that short bursts of excitement is all I can afford with my time and so Solo has been so amazing to fill that gap. I think this is another reason why it felt so strange going back to my old corp. I wanted instant excitement that I got with solo and with me having to wait for people to fleet up or set ships together and then fittings just felt to me like they were wasting my very limited time. This in no way had changed since I left. I think my expectations had changed. We had a bit of drama lama with me not explaining this correctly and so I was thought another very hard truth In Life.

You are responsible for your own fun in this game. You are the person that makes things fun or not. I had changed and so I needed to find my new path in the game. I found a new home now. I have found new people to call friends… We say hello by shooting each other. I am indirectly training some solo pilots in the area by beating them and giving them tips and explaining things to them. I almost got beaten by one the other day and had I not noticed something he would have won. It’s amazing how people improve with just little helping hints. I don’t know if all my hints are helping but every time I have engaged them they seem to be getting better and closer to killing me. It’s good to see.

I hope my journey creates another 100 posts and when I hit 200 that I am still enjoying the game as much as I am now.

Thanks to every one of your 28,558 views. I hope you have had as much fun reading my blog as I have been flying my ships and putting it here to share with you.

See you tonight on the battlefield. It is going to be amazing.

Fly safe.