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I have not played for a bit. This is just that my work gets a little mental this time of year so hopefully I will be back online at some time. It’s actually been great time off. I needed a recharge of the batteries and been playing Dota 2 for a bit. Super fun and it is free so works in my favour.

I still read blogs that I follow and this one got my attention:


I started writing a comment which turned out to be the size of 2 pages in word and figured I would not hijack Johnny’s blog but just write a follow-up comment type of post. Go read that and then come back here.

So following up from that post I agree with everything the man has to say about New players and it got me thinking. I am not online now but if their was any post that I would point people to about starting Solo PVP what advice would I give.

Ofourse joining a PVP Corp is key here but and this is a BIG BUT. They have to be good! If they not good then you not going to be good. Simple as pie.

Ships and new bro mentality.

I am new and want to be amazing at PVP but I also want to fly the biggest Battleship I can fly because if I have that then I must be better than the other new players. WRONG! This is not WOW or any fantasy MMO. Having legendary gear in EVE mean nothing here.Its simply more isk spent on items that look blue or purple. If I have skill and knowledge, I can wipe you with my ship if you are 1 month old and you have fully officer(purple) fit ship. You lose lots of isk and hell I am laughing at you and to the bank.

I can teach a 1 month old player how to get more kills than you can in 1 month with a frigate.

So forget the bigger is always better bullshit and forget the better items mean better pilot bullshit. That is for people in null sec and they cumps. Have a free cruiser or have a free Battleship Yay! Come have cake and eat it here because we need numbers! Do you want to be drones that press F1 and be elite in your own mind but others think you’re a moron. NO, Wrong and Bullshit.

Stick to frigates! Your race frigate to 5, Your race guns or missiles to 5. Then you work on your Capacitor, Tank and support skills. You need to decide what ship type you want to fly. Shield , Armour or Hull? You need to pick one and stick to it. Get max tank and I mean everything to 5 for that tank you have chosen.

I want to do a little shield here and maybe a little armour and O yah maybe even just sprinkle a bit of hull tank on to make the perfect sunday. Bullshit No!

Pick one stick to it and get a perfect tank.

People who fit their ships for every engagement will not do well in Solo pvp. You have to build your ship for specific purpose and then only hunt that.

Duel Rep/MWD/Scram Incursus vs any other brawler with AB/scram/web fit will kill you. Most brawlers fit AB/web/scram so your targets are not brawlers but kiters. Your MWD allows you to catch them and your scram means they will not go fast.

If you have 3 Kiters in a fleet you should be able to solo them all because your tank is superior to theirs in a big way if you have all to 5. You are just as fast as them so catching them is not a problem if all navigation to 5.

What a new player needs to learn to just fly this 1 ship fit is:

Sling shot ships to catch them.
Capacitor management because duel rep ships are insane capacitor management.
What ships are kiters and what are brawlers.
How each kiter  and brawler would normally be fit and what damage they do as a single pilot so you know who to shoot first?
Turret mechanics to get the most out of your ships DPS.
Repairers Mechanics to get the best out of your Tank and last 3 ships shooting you

There is also a surprise fits element out their. No one suspects a brawler to be MWD/Scram fit and learning what ships are fit in a set way and what they can do is going to take you time.

Now please don’t everyone who reads this think that I am saying you should fly that fit. That is not what I am saying. I am saying that each ship has a good point. Each one has a bad point. Some ships have what is called a cookie cutter fit.

Merlins are Medium Shield Extender blaster fit.
incursus can be Duel rep or 200mm Plate
Rifters are 200mm Plate
Condor is duel tracking disruptor
Maulus is duel sensor damps

Once you have the ship you want to fly and I would suggest having the attack frigate of your race as a choice. You then buy the same fit in bulk. I mean let me put it to you like this.

You fly a Merlin cookie cutter fit. You go out and have 50 in your hangar fitted up and ready to die. You are going to lose so many ships learning how to fly the ship alone. You are going to lose even more learning what ships you do well against and what ships you should never engage again. You will lose more ships figuring out who is good in your area and who is new and possibly a solo kill for you.

You going to lose a lot but learn and make notes.

Download Open Broadcast (Free Video Recording software)
Setup your recording of your game and record your fights. (Video on YouTube how to do this available)Study the fight after you win and more importantly the one you lose.

If you fly the same ship 50 times and die in it 50 times you have learned a lot. Now another player is in system with you who has been trying different ships because he wants to be super cool and said he has flown every frigate in-game or maybe he even wanted to be the Battleship pilot.


You know you going to win.

You will know your ship in and out. What works and what does not work. You will have done solo 50 times and this person maybe only 3. You are prepared to lose another frigate and this guy thinks he is gods gift thinks you are new to the game and an easy kill. BOOM!

Ship down! You win.


Running is not cowardly. It is you simply realising that this is not going in your favour and you where clever enough to get out before you lost your ship.

I have engaged and ran away. I gave gf he gave gf.

It was a good fight and because I realised I was going to die I made sure I did not die. Is that cowardly? No! It smart playing because you simply jump 1 jump and you might have another pilot and get a solo kill. If you stayed and died that pilot who kills you will get that other pilot and now he has 2 solo kills and you have nothing.

Area of fighting

This is important. It really is.

Now imagine you are a spider and you have a 3 system web.

System 1
System 2
System 3

You should learn to go from system 1 to system 3 and know who is regulars. I mean who is in their every day and every time you jump in that a its him and I know he will be in a Merlin fit like fit A. or fit B. I know I can win or can’t win against him.

Now 1 person jumps into system and you now know that they are new. Look at their age and look at their killboard. What they been killing and how many in the party? Was it like 5 minutes ago? What losses they have and what ship you have on your Dscan other than the Merlin of the regular. It’s a condor for example.

Does the new guy have a condor loss? Yah. Duel tracking disruptor. Can your ship take on a kiter or not? If not then don’t even try. Wait and jump between system 1 and 3 and back again.

Just like a spider you wait and engage.

The alternative is you are roaming about like a lost puppy in low sec. I don’t know what I am doing but I want solo kills!

Now guess what. There are many spiders in EVE low Sec. That is right. You roaming about solo is like jumping from web to web. Eventually you going to jump onto the wrong web and its going to cost you your ship.

So instead of being a puppy. Be a spider. Find a spot where a lot of people are going to be that are new. Hint hint its near Caldari space. Find 3 systems near high sec and go make it a hunting ground. Be a spider and slowly you make your web bigger the better you get.

You start off only in 1 system maybe 2. Get to know the locals and the regulars. look for the new players that stick out. Erin Holland’s Rifter is clearly new player mistake and look I can now see that Erin is only 3 days old. Shame.

Spider senses are a go! Attack the lost puppy and get solos.

Now as you get better you start spreading out a bit more. and you can then eventually roam by your self and know what your ship does and if it’s a surprise fit how to get out of the trap that another spider has set. You’re a spider and you think like one so you can get out of a web if needed.

Now there is many tears and frustration in the mix and many I hate this god damn game its shit! I hate myself because I am shit at this game and PVP!

I said this in the beginning. I have weeks where I am crap as soon as I undock. I lose and lose and lose and knowing that when I had a horrible day at work that I am going to suck balls at PVP.

Unless I can give it 100% of my attention at that time for 3-4 Hours I am going to suck balls at PVP.

It’s hard to get good at pvp. It took me ages to learn all this stuff. I still don’t know everything but instead of me now getting frustrated about it I just remember that every loss is a lesson and sometimes there was just nothing I could have done differently. They just outsmart me and I got caught.

Happy hunting Spiders!
The being a puppy needs to stop now.